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Learn Music to Relax

Today, we all are living a very hectic and fast life where we do not get much time to relax. Moreover, when we have time to relax, then we do not know how to relax. Now a good solution is available in our hands in the form of learning music to relax. You can learn music to relax because music has great potential to relax tensed brain. We can find many good music teachers in every part of India to learn music and it has also become very easy to get parts of music instruments of big brands . With option of international online shopping, people can order music related products from international countries too. So now remain relaxed by learning music.

Character of a person comes out in difficult situation

There are numbers of news of good and bad people coming from many parts Uttrakhand. There are reports of people who lost everything to save others and simultaneously, there is news of people who over charged needy people, stole their money and cut body parts of dead for gold.  This shows real character of people. It is shame on people who are indulging in such bad acts. At this point of time, it was need of hour to help other victims; however, some evil minded people used it as an opportunity to make money. Many survivors claimed that they paid up to Rs 200 of a single water bottle and Rs 500 for food.  On the other hand, many good people gave everything for the help of needy people. Good people arranged free food and water for others and saved many lives. Both these examples show real character of people and how during difficult time, real character of people comes out. 

Be ready to work hard

Any person who wants success in life must be ready for extra hard work because it is not possible for any person to attain success in life without putting hard efforts for success. Hard work always pays a person; however, it is in our mindset to remain more depended on luck.  We always want luck to do some favor and does not trust own hard work. It is hard to find a single person in world who has failed despite putting all hard work. Though, sometimes we fail despite hard work because we are not fully competent for certain work. It does not mean that we have failed because of hard work; it only means that we were slightly less prepared for success and by putting some more hard work we can easily gain success.  So, next time do not wait for luck to do some magic instead put your full trust on hard work. When you will develop such attitude then success is not far away for you.  

Your mental health is equally important as your physical health

In India, we see very less awareness again people about mental health. Here people spend huge money on physical treatments; however, they do not care about mental problems. The biggest reason of this trend is very less awareness among people about mental health problems. Due to their ignorance, people do not see mental health problems as major health risks. However, there are many studies which clearly show that mental health problems are same way dangerous as physical health problems. Slowly, awareness is increasing among people about mental health problems and they are getting treatment for it; however, numbers of such people is very less. Still many people take refuge in super natural or black magic to solve such problems. They believe that this is done by evil things and there is no problem with their mental health. However, in 99% of cases these are mental disorders and they can be treated by consulting a good physician qualified in mental health. As per one report numbers of

Failure of State machinery at Uttrakhand

Even after seven days of massive cloud burst near Kedarnath thousands of people are still trapped at different in this valley. All these people are thirst, hungry and injured; however, there is no one to take care of them. Uttrakhand government machinery has totally failed from day one and only hope for people is from Army and other armed forces. Air force is recovering many people from different places with the help of helicopters because road connectivity has totally damaged. Many injured people are dying because of no medical treatment and food. We can see massive anger among people against the Uttrakhand government. Uttrakhand is prone to such disasters and similar disasters happen every year; however, it looks that Uttrakhand government did not make any preparation to handle such problems. Today, whole of country is in pain by seeing bad condition of thousands of pilgrims. Many rescued people blamed administration for rescuing influential or rich people first instead of poor

Do not travel to hill places during rains

From the last week devastation in Uttrakhand due to cloud burst thousands of people suffered. Even after six days rescue work is still continuing and government says that it will take seven more days to rescue all people. This incidence has highlighted side effects of travelling to a hilly place in rains. During rains, hills become very soft and landslides occur.  Every year, many people lose their lives in these landslides. Now days cloud bursts have also become very common due to deforestation. As per news, two cloud bursts simultaneously occurred near Kedarnath Dham and their combined effect caused so much damage. In India, we do not have strong mechanism to fight these natural disasters; therefore, many people suffer during such events.  One of option in front of people to save them is to not travel or visit hilly places during rains.  Despite all claims by state government, we do not see strong actions on ground. Therefore, our safety is in our hands only and we can save

Save at least 20% of your income for Safe Future

The biggest mistake which large numbers of people do in life is not saving anything at all. They mostly feel that they will save later and they go on postponing it. There are many examples of people in world who have nothing as their savings even after working for thirty or forty years. This is very wrong habit and such habits can create many problems for us any time. No one knows exactly that when difficult time will strike him and during such time, saved money can become our best rescuer. In difficult times, no one comes near to you; therefore, it is important for you to save good money for such situations. Mostly, it is in our mind to spend all money today because we do not know how to manage our money and we find many need to fulfill and so less money to spend. In situation if we say someone to save money then he will say that he has no money to save. However, actually we all can change our mental attitude by changes this thinking pattern. Start saving at least 20% of your ear

Why Uttrakhand Government was not prepared to tackle this problem?

Today, large numbers of people are simply asking this question that why Uttrakhand government was not prepared to handle this problem. Why even after five days of cloud burst and heavy rain, it is still not able to provide primary relief to millions of people who become victim of sudden cloud burst.  Many eye witnesses say that they have seen hundreds of dead bodies; however, government says death of 100 plus people only. Government only looks to justify its stand and showing its helplessness. Still there are thousands of people waiting for relief at different places.  Government has put 22 helicopters in to action for evacuation of people; however, this whole process is working very slowly. There are still many parts where no official help has reached so far. In developed countries, we see good coordination in relief work; therefore, very less numbers of human causalities occur there during environmental calamities.  However, in India we are neither prepared nor we want

Your competition is with yourself only

Today, we live in a highly competitive world where we are constantly forced to compete with many people. We are told from childhood to compete with others and as we grow, we have this mental attitude to compete with everyone.  We become so much obsessed with competing that we start competing with everyone and see everyone as our enemy. Due to this attitude, we only increase stress for ourselves and loss many valuable relationships in life.  On the other hand, we can live life in a much better way if we learn to compete with our self only. Competition with self makes us an improved human being because we constantly look to enhance our skills. In this way, we grow as a strong and happy human being.  With this mental attitude, we no more see others as our competitors and harmony in our relationships increases many times. If you also want to live a happy and stress free life then start competing with yourself instead of competing with others. 

Money from Books

At every home, we can find many old books waiting for attention. Many times, we even forget about these books and find them again after many years. Numbers of times such books also got damaged because of neglect. Now what about selling these books and getting some money. People can easily sell books at and get paid for it. The whole process is very simple and people can learn more about it by visiting above link. To sell their books, people are required to enter information of book on search box available on top of page and immediately they will get quote for their book. After that they are required to pack books and send them to nearest location for free. With this simple step, people can convert their unwanted books in to money.

Playing with Nature can be very dangerous

Due to human greed, we constantly see people playing with nature and later suffering from its hands. Human beings may become any powerful; however, they are nothing in front of nature. Nature gives lots of time to human beings to stop destroying it and when situations go out of control then nature comes in to a dangerous role. Nature is very hard teacher and it tells things very hardly.  At many places around the world, we are seeing wide spread devastation by nature. This only happens when some people try to exploit nature for their own benefits. They go on cutting trees, constructing building and mining forest lands till nature allows us to do so. In this fight between human and nature, always nature wins because it is very strong.  If human learn to respect nature then we will not see many of such devastations. We can blame human greed for lots of damage to nature. Exploitation of nature is bad for all of us in long term and we all are required to pay for this damage. Simp

Early Monsoon and Devastation at different parts

Last week, India saw early arrival of Monsoons much ahead of their normal schedule. This arrival of monsoons surprised many weather experts and people. Overall, it is believed that early monsoons will bring more prosperity to India by increasing production of crops. However, at present early monsoons are causing troubles to millions of people at different parts of India.  At numbers of places flood like situations are prevailing with thousands of people stuck at unsafe places. Indian hilly state of Uttrakhand is worst hit by early monsoon. Thousands of devotees and tourists are locked at remote places due to landslide and heavy rain. Now government and army have come in to action to save these people. Already there are reports of 105 causalities and 200 plus missing people.  These numbers are likely to increase as cloudbursts have taken at many places and reports are still to come from many of these places. Famous Hindu religious place Kedarnath is worst hit with only temple

Look for Suitable Products

There are many suitable products in market ; however, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find right products . Despite availability of many products in market , we find it hard to get a product which fits best as per measurement. Therefore, if a product is not suitable then it is of no use for us. For example, if you do not get a flat screen mount of required height then it will not solve the purpose. Online shopping could give answer to this issue because we can find many suitable products online. Due to huge variety of products, we can become successful in buying a product of our choice. Online, we can even give direct orders to manufacturers with our specifications and needs.

Bhutan a Good destination for Tourists

Bhutan is a landlocked and beautiful country in Himalayan region. In recent times, Bhutan has emerged as major place on tourist map. People are loving median tourist destinations in Bhutan. In Bhutan many great scenic tourist destination wait for you. Today, all major travel agents are offering tour packages to Bhutan. Indian residents do not need visa to enter Bhutan like Nepal. Only, you need to carry your Indian government id card. Below, you can find video with main tourist attractions in Bhutan. 

Split in BJP-JDU, What Next?

As it was predicted in advance that JDU will say goodbye to NDA alliance if BJP decided to project Naendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate. So far, BJP has not done so however, it has made Modi head of 2014 election campaign and this outcome was not welcomed by JDU; therefore, it decided to break this 17 year old alliance.  Now JDU and BJP will face each other in Bihar. So far, there is no immediate danger for JDU government in Bhiar as it is just short of 4 seats in Bihar Assembly for which it can get support from independent MLAs. This split is likely to help other opposition parties in Bihar RJD of Lulu Prasad, LJP of Ram Vilas Paswan and Congress.  By doing so, JDU has tried to vow Muslim voters. At present it is hard to tell who will get advantage of this split. 2014 Loksabha election results of Bihar will tell that decision taken by JDU was right or not. This split has created new challenge for Narendra Modi and let’s sees who tackles it. 

How a Priest or Astrologer can Know you will be successful or not? If you yourself do not know.

It is common to see many people going to priests and astrologers and asking this question that they will be successful or not. Such people mostly do not have confidence in their own abilities or they are not clear about what and why they are doing something.  Under such circumstances, no one can get success. Only those people get success in life which are sure what they are doing and why they are doing? No priest or astrologer in this world has power to tell us that we will be successful or not. I can give example of many people who visited many priests and astrologers to know that they will be successful or not.  Every astrologer and priest told them that they will be successful; however, even after many years they are unsuccessful. Why they are unsuccessful? The answer is simple that they were not sure about their success and any unsure person cannot achieve success in life.  It is person’s own willingness and hard work which gives him success. However, large numbers of

Rise of Narendra Modi

Presently, whole of world is seeing rise of Narendra Modi as top leader of India. Recent by-polls also showed that he enjoys great support of people. In Gujarat bye- election, BJP won both Loksabha and 4 Assembly seats whereas Congress failed to even win a single seat. Next year, loksabha elections will take place in India and many people have already started seeing him as next PM of India. Though, no one has answer to this question that he will certainly become next PM or not? However with one thing everyone will agree that he has emerged as very strong and popular leader in India. Many people see him with a hope to put India on fast track of growth. Today, there is not a single survey in which people not showed support to him. Different political experts have different opinions on rise of Modi. Some says that he does not enjoy same popularity outside Gujarat as he enjoys in Gujarat. 2014 Loksabha election will be a great test for Narendra Modi. He is a good politician and many