Early Monsoon and Devastation at different parts

Last week, India saw the early arrival of Monsoons much ahead of their normal schedule. This arrival of monsoons surprised many weather experts and people. Overall, it is believed that early monsoons will bring more prosperity to India by increasing the production of crops. However, at present early monsoons are causing trouble to millions of people in different parts of India. 

In a number of places, flood-like situations are prevailing with thousands of people stuck at unsafe places. Indian hilly state of Uttrakhand is worst hit by early monsoon. Thousands of devotees and tourists are locked in remote places due to landslides and heavy rain. Now government and army have come into action to save these people. Already there are reports of 105 causalities and 200 plus missing people. 

These numbers are likely to increase as cloudbursts have taken at many places and reports are still to come from many of these places. Famous Hindu religious place Kedarnath is worst hit with only the temple surviving this devastation. At present, we can only pray for the safety of people trapped in different places. Hopefully, soon the situation will become normal.  
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