How a Priest or Astrologer can Know you will be successful or not? If you yourself do not know.

It is common to see many people going to priests and astrologers and asking this question that they will be successful or not. Such people mostly do not have confidence in their own abilities or they are not clear about what and why they are doing something. 

Under such circumstances, no one can get success. Only those people get success in life which are sure what they are doing and why they are doing? No priest or astrologer in this world has power to tell us that we will be successful or not. I can give example of many people who visited many priests and astrologers to know that they will be successful or not. 

Every astrologer and priest told them that they will be successful; however, even after many years they are unsuccessful. Why they are unsuccessful? The answer is simple that they were not sure about their success and any unsure person cannot achieve success in life. 

It is person’s own willingness and hard work which gives him success. However, large numbers of people do not want to accept this thing and they look towards astrologers and priests to make them successful in life. 
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