Importance of Facebook Fan Pages and Google Plus Pages

Today, social networks have become important part of our life and it is very difficult to underestimate their importance. As a website developer, it is near to impossible to ignore their importance because social networks like facebook and google plus can send millions of unique visitors to your sites. 

The best way to get visitors from social networking sites like facebook and Google plus is to create fan pages of your sites on them. With time, numbers of people join these pages and they get all updates of your site on their social network. As your fan page become popular on these social networks so you start seeing increase in visitors sent by them to your sites. As per estimate, now 40% of visitors to any site are getting referred from social networks. 

Therefore, it is very important to have presence of your site on social networks to gain many new visitors. Now time has gone when you can rely only on Google search for sending visitors to your site because Google search is no more only method for getting visitors. With increasing popularity of social networks, it is must to use social networks to gain new visitors and make your sites popular. 
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