2014 Loksabha Elections

Mid of next year, India will see 2014 Loksabha election and these elections will determine next government at centre. Today, every political party is making different claims about its win in these elections; however, it is very hard to predict real outcome because no one exactly knows that how common people will vote. 

Present UPA government is surrounded with many corruption charges and therefore, these corruption charges will affect some of performance of UPA in these elections. However, the major problem is that no political party in India is corruption free and every party at different levels is involved in corruption. Therefore choices in front of people are very less and they can only choose between a corrupt and less corrupt party. 

Despite all these facts, 2014 Loksabha elections are going to be very interesting because they will make new kings and queens in Indian politics. These elections will also determine that will Narindra Modi’s magic work or its Rahul Gandhi’s appeal that will do wonder? Everyone has so many questions and we all will get our answers after the completion of these elections. I am very excited about these elections and hope that India will get a government this time. 
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