True freedom for mind

Today, we claim that we are enjoying great freedoms; however, when it comes to mind then we are not free. Our minds are still ruled by many superstition, conditioning, religious belief, common concepts that we hardly have a free thinking process. We see most of things of life through the eyes of such beliefs. To get true freedom in life, we are first required to free our mind from so much junk and allow it to breathe free. 

As non moving water starts stinging similar negative and old thoughts make our mind a dirty place. Such mind can never make right decisions for him and others. We need true freedom for your minds first so that we can enjoy true mind. Unless our minds are not free we can’t enjoy true freedom in life. Moreover, when our mind is free then there is no power in this world which can prison it. Real growth of any human being is freedom of his mind. More freedom of mind, you enjoy more grown person you are.
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