Life is short so hurry up

There are so many things to watch, enjoy, learn and explore in this world. However, the biggest negative point is short life we have. Life cycle moves so fast that we release the importance of time when we have no time or very less time. At end, we think that why we not lived life as we wanted.

Is this your story also then it is time for you to change your style of living and start living life as you always wanted. From birth we get so much of conditioning about nonsense things that we fail to learn important things of life. It is your life; therefore, you should decide how you want to live it and not others. However, in world we remain so much influenced by others we start copying others.

In this mad race, we miss main part of our life. In this game, we are only losers because we loss important part of our life for nothing. It is important for us to understand this fact as early as we can so that we do not miss this golden opportunity available in the form of life.
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