There is no shortage of time only we need to adjust priorities

We can hear many people saying that there is huge shortage of time in their life. This is common story of many people in present world where they find time running out of their hands. However, actually there is no shortage of time only it is matter of adjusting our priorities and not wasting our time. Large numbers of people live an unplanned life with no direction at all; therefore, such people waste lots of time. With proper management of time and life, we can save lots of time and utilize it for better work. 

In this way, we can achieve greater success in life with plenty of time to enjoy. Further, it is very important to not postpone any important work because when we postpone our work then we pile up lots of work for next day and at end we fail to finish many important tasks. In such situations, we mostly blame time that why we have so much less time. Every person on this world is allotted same time by god, now it only depends on us that how we utilize this time. 
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