Hard Work is only Key to Success

There is no alternative to hard work in life because with hard work, we can complete many tasks in life which may look difficult to us in first look. Hard workers always succeed and there are many examples of hard working people who have achieved great heights in life. There is no substitute to hard work in life because without hard work it is very difficult to accomplish many tasks. 

Any person can only rely on his hard work because only his hard work he has full control. 99% of people who fail in life are people who run away from hard work whereas one percent of people who do not run from hard work they kiss success soon. However, numbers of such people is very high who believe that it is foolishness to do hard work and only fools’ do hard work. 

Such people try to get success in life on their smartness; however, they do not see that such successes do not last long. On the other hand, successes achieved with hard work always remain with person and it encourages the person to achieve many such tasks in future.  
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