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It is important to say Goodbye to Drugs and Alcohol

In present world, it is very easy to find large numbers of people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Many people are losing their lives by becoming victim of such additions. Many families are suffering huge losses due to these addiction problems. However, present life style is only increasing such problems and more numbers of people becoming their victims. It is important to provide timely treatment to such addicts; otherwise, it can be very difficult to save them. Good Rehab centers which can provide great help in treating such people and making them addiction free. We can find many such treatments in our vicinity at affordable rate. Such treatments are very important because otherwise, we can loss our near and dear ones for ever.

Journey to Prashar Lake at 8560 feet Height (Pictures)

On 18th of this month, I got chance to drive to Prashar Lake situated at 8560 feet above sea level. This place is 50 KM away from Mandi district head quarter. I was planning to visit this place from many years; however, I never got chance to do so earlier. On 18th March, it was Monday and weather was clear; therefore, I decided to visit this place. Up to 31 KM road condition was fine; however, last 19 KM tested my driving skills. Last four KM have snow; though, road was cleared by PWD department. At some places, road was very bad and you were required to change many directions before crossing it smoothly. In last 19 KM, you face steep ascend; therefore, my driving speed was 10 to 15 KM/hour only. It took almost two hours to cross last 19 KMs. After reaching at the top, it was a shock at first because main way to reach Prashar lake was covered with 4 to 5 feet snow. Therefore, I felt very disappointed because I was just few meters away from Lake. However, thankfully there was o

Online working- A great Freedom

Today, large numbers of working people across the world enjoy a great freedom with the help of internet because it is allowing them to working online without attending any office. To some people, this news may look unreal; however, it is very much true. Even many companies are allowing their employees to work from their homes and submit their work online. Moreover, online earning potential is very real and many people are using this opportunity to earn online. There are many options available in front of people to earn money from their online ventures. With some knowledge, anyone can start earning money online. Many people are finding this solution so rewarding that they have left their regular jobs and are earning money online. The potential of earning money online is very high and it all depends on the efforts and hard work of a person. Therefore, if you also want to share your talent online then you can also enjoy online working freedom with potential of earning money. Though, st

Craze for Marriage

It is hard to find a single person in this world who does not have craze for marriage because everyone wants to get married at some point of time. Therefore, everyone search for a suitable life partner in life and after some search, everyone meets his or her life partner. Then both of them decides to have a marriage and live together. All relatives and friends come together to celebrate this occasion. Small accessories and jewelries like wedding ring sets help in making this day a special one. Today, we live in an online world where it is much easier to buy anything from the comfort of homes. Therefore, people can buy important things or essential items for marriage online.

Watch Very interesting Flash Mob Bangra Performance

Bangra is mainly associated with Punjab and Punjabi because it is traditional dance style of Punjab and it represents Punjabis all around the world. However, below you can watch great flash mob performance of Bangra mainly by non Punjabis. This video is shot at an international location and shows how Bangra is becoming popular internationally. Bangra is very energetic and great dance form; therefore, it founds acceptance every where. This is a great video to watch which show great Bangra performance by flash mob.

Anger and Frustration are co-related

If you are becoming angry on small -2 things in life then frustration can be a big reason behind all this because when we become frustrated with life then anger becomes a common story of life. To control anger, it is first important for us to resolve our frustrations. We all live in a very competitive world where success and failures are very common. When people get failures in life then they mostly become frustrated. Now when numbers of such frustrations increases with time then people start becoming angry.  Level of anger further increases with increase in frustrations. The best way to resolve frustrations is to learn to accept life and its outcomes as it is as they are. There are many things in life over which we have no control; therefore, we should not become frustrated over such incidences and situations in life. It is very important for any person to resolve his frustration because otherwise frustrations can cause many problems in life including high level of anger. 

Do not deviate from your goals

I have seen many people failing in their life because they deviate from their goals. It is very important for any person to remain 100% concentrated on his goal if he wants to achieve 100% success. When you deviate from your goal, you stop giving 100% to your goal. Many people try to do multiple tasks simultaneously and this is wrong method of doing a work and because of this attitude, they fail to achieve 100% success in single work. Second our mind constantly deviate our attention to other things and works. Therefore many people deviate from their goals to other unnecessary things in life. A goal achievement needs 100% attention and no deviation. Therefore, always make a firm goal and never deviate from you goal path. If you constantly remain deviating from your goal then you will never achieve success in life and you will remain missing your goals. 

Blogging is a great fun

Ten years back when I started blogging then I have no idea that blogging will be a so great fun. In these ten years, I have done many experiments with blogging and learned lot about blogging. Today, I know about many aspects of blogging deeply and I am using all these experiences to make by blogs looks good to readers.  I have seen many phases and ups downs in blogging. With time, blogging has also changed and it has become more attractive and rewarding. Blogging has become very friendly and anyone can now try blogging. There is lot written about blogging online and you can learn anything which you need to know about for starting a good blog.  Blogging is very wide and hundreds of subcategories exist in it. In nutshell, it offers some thing for everyone and everyone can use it for his advantage. Already, numbers of people using blogs have increased many times in last ten years still there are large numbers of people who do not know much about a bog or blogging.  Blogging

18 year for marriage and 16 year for sex, How justified is all this?

New proposed rape bill of Indian government is saying that people above 16 years of age can do sex on consent of each other. However, biggest issue here is that 18 years is age decided by government of India for marriage. Many people believe that this decision of government will encourage sex before marriage and it is against present social system of India . In Indian culture, sex before marriage is still prohibited where parents do not want their kids to have sex before marriage.  Now if government passes this law then it will give freedom to kids above 16 years of age to have sex without any fear of punishment. Already many parents have raised their voice against this law because they believe that this law will spoil their children. Overall, this is a very complex question and no one has exact answer to this question. However, one thing is very clear that this law is likely to attract many protests in near future. 

Great help of Courier Tracking service

Few years back, it was very difficult to track couriers in India because there was no tracking system present at all. Therefore, you always remain blind on delivery of couriers. However, today almost all courier companies in India have adopted tracking system which helps you in tracking your shipments. Leading players like Fedex and Bluedart started this service for first time in India and now it is available with all leading courier services. Tracking system of many courier services like Gati gives you point to point information on shipment thus makes it very easy for you to track your shipment. In recent past, I was able to get few of my couriers on time because I have tracking code with me. To use this service, you need a tracking code which is mostly same as bill number on courier receipt. To track your courier, you are required to visit official website of Courier Company and enter tracking code. After clicking submit button, you get all information of courier. I have used th

We love God or we fear God

Today, I want to ask one question from all of you that you love god or you fear god because I have mostly seen that people go to temples because they fear god. Everyone wants to avoid anger of god so he goes to temple and perform many rituals. It is very hard to find a single person who goes to temple because he loves god. Today’s relation of God and man fear is more predominant than love. On the other hand, god wants our love only; if we are offering him our true love then there is no need to perform any rituals and visit temples. Reaching God out of inner fear is very wrong and it will only repel god. There are many stories present in past where god visited his lovers first over people who were praying him because of fear. To seek god, we need to learn to love him first. There is nothing as supreme as love for god. More pure is your love more power it has in it.

Adventure of Tough Road Drive

I never miss an opportunity to drive on tough roads because I love it. I clearly know that it is very difficult task to drive on some of these roads and never of times, you may stuck at wrong end. However, still there is lot of fin associated in it because you enjoy a great flow of adrenal in your world. Mostly, final destination offers a great reward for you because you were looking for it. For example, my 14 km journey to hill top of international paragliding site was full of adventure and thrill because road was very narrow at numbers of places. Slowly climb a hill and witness most amazing beauty of nature. Similar was my journey to Barrot Water project and Kali ka Tibba (Chail). I love driving so I enjoy these thrills. Though, I want to caution everyone that it could be deadly if we do not take necessary precautions on these journeys. In future, I have plans of crossing many tough roads and enjoy my passion of driving.  Drive to Billing Drive to Kali ka Tibba (Chail)

It is very important to manage important documents

We all know this secret that it is very important to manage important documents especially when we are carrying them with us. Some of documents are so important that even a slightest dust can ruin them. Therefore, if you work in a field where you are required to carry important documents then you should get help of custom portfolios. Many such durable and attractive portfolios are available in market. Moreover, you can easily buy them online too. Many good options of styles are available as per the need of different individuals. By having a good portfolio of your choice, you can save documents with ease. These good looking portfolios do give you a gentle and smart look.

Watch Exclusive Interview of Steven Spielberg by Big B (Amitabh Bachan)

Here is exclusive video of Steven Spielberg’s interview by Amitabh Bachan during his India visit. Steven Spielberg is one of greatest director of cinema and he has given us super hit movies like Jaws (1975), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park (1993). Whole of Bollywood was very excited about his visit to India. He is in India to celebrate success of his movie Lincoln. This movie got three oscar awards this year. This movie was co-produced by Anil Ambani's Reliance Entertainment; therefore, he is India. Below you can watch his conversation with Amitabh Bachan.

No one is perfect in this highly imperfect world

It is very important for all of us to understand that no one is perfect in this highly imperfect world. We all have many shortcomings and so do others; therefore, we should not waste our time by pointing fingers on others. Moreover, it is important for everyone to first see his own shortcomings and then remove them first. Even if you do not see any shortcoming in yourself then also you do not have any right to point fingers on others.  Every person is unique in his or her way and it is important for us to respect it. Why to point fingers on others? Instead we should learn to ignore most of these things. It is duty of a person himself to improve him and not ours. However, sadly many people do not miss even a single opportunity to interfere in others lives. They never miss an opportunity to let down others. This is very wrong behavior and such behavior is going to hurt you in long run. 

When people will like you then they will help you success

In the success of any person role of others around him is very crucial because they can play great role in his success. Therefore for attaining success in life, it is very important that people should like you. When people will like you then they will promote you with others and thus your influence with others increases. We all live in a deeply linked social world where everyone is dependent on others for help and growth.  Now others will help us only when they like us. If they hate us then they will not promote us. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to get good response of others. When people will see good qualities in us then they will genuinely promote us. To get this favor from others, it is first important for us to develop good qualities in us first.  If we do not have good qualities then no one will promote us and why should they promote us? Therefore, it is important for us to develop good skills; soon others will start recognizing our abilities. One day la

Need Motivation, Watch this Video (One of Best Motivational Videos Ever Made)

We all need motivation in life because at some point in time, we all lose strength to fight and move forward. Many people do not succeed in life because they do not get desired motivation at difficult time. Success of any person can be measured from his height of motivation. Therefore, it is important for all of us to re remain motivated in life and attain our goals. When you are strongly motivated then you win half battle before even starting it. Below you can find a good motivational video to get some dose of motivation. Watching such good videos can help us in remaining motivated in life.

Become smart with your smart phone

Today, one of most advance and high-tech gadget which we can find with large numbers of individuals is smart phone. Many people love their smart phones because they can do lot of work with them instead of just answering calls. Present generations of smart phones have many advance features and thus provide extra powers in the hands of their users. Smart applications further make already smart phones smart.  There are millions of applications with many functions and interests available with smart phone users. Everyone can choose applications of his choice to make his smart phone further advance. For example, I never miss an appointment or birthday these days because my smart phone always reminds me about such events in advance. From financial transactions to movie ticket, I can buy anything from my smart phone.  For many jobs, now days I do not open my laptop because I finish lot of work on smart phone. With so many features and great help, smart phones are becoming an impo

Now find Lowest Airfares on Indian Skies

AirAsia, an Asian based low cost airline is all set to enter Indian domestic market. AirAsia is already present in India in international segment. Now, it has joined hands with Tata group to offer low cost airline service in India. As per news, Airasia domestic is planning to offer ticket for as low as Rs 1000 in selected domestic sectors. This news has already created ripples in domestic airline segment. Many domestic airlines like Jet Airways have started offering low cost air tickets. Many other airlines are also following same line.  Overall, it is great news for Indian domestic air traveler and we can see much hike in air travel in India. In last two years, air tickets prices were very high in India and it looks that this year has come up with great offers. With decrease in air fare, it is likely that more Indians will now travel by air and it will create great competition with other travel sectors. In coming times, we can see many attractive offers for travelers because o

Are you using your smartness for wrong reasons?

There many fools in world who think that they are smart people in this world and everyone else are a fool. They use their smartness in wrong manner just to drag down others. They never use their smartness to uplift others. Many times, such people succeed in getting appreciation of others on the account of defaming others. However, in long run such people just get punch of life in a hard manner because life is a smart teacher.  It knows very well to educate people who do not follow right path. It is nice to be a smart person; however, it totally wrong to use this smartness for the wrong purpose. When you will use your smartness to hurt others then god will take back this smartness from you. On the other hand, when you will use your smartness for the welfare of others then God will reward you will more smartness.  It is important to see position of other person before making any judgment because he may be crossing through some difficult time or he may be facing many other reas

We becoming online social media animals

Today, it has become custom to join social networking online. Thanks to numbers of easy solutions like, any person can complete his dream of socializing online. It may be difficult to find a person in real world; however, it is much easier to find a person on social network. People can update everything about them on social networks from pictures to current place. We can see a race among people to be fast on social media.  Today, we have smart phones and gadgets which helps us to update anything from anywhere at anytime; therefore, everyone is just updating fast. According to some studies, people are so much addicted to social media networks that they do first job in morning is to check their social media status. Many carrier operators across the world provide free access to social media networks like facebook. All this shows a great madness for social media. Today’s human have slowly become social media animals. 

Time to Buy Gold is again back

After a long gap, gold prices have decreased in India. At present gold prices are less than Rs 30000 which makes gold buying an attractive option? Gold prices were only increasing from last few years ; however, some measures announced by Government in general budget caused crash of gold prices. With time, gold prices are likely to increase again. Therefore, many analysts believe that it is a good time to buy gold and make investment in gold. Soon, Gold is likely to return to its higher prices. Therefore, within few months people can get good results from their gold investment. In last five years , Gold prices have more than doubled; thus we can saw there is good potential in Gold investment for all of us.

Decreasing Difference between Indians and NRIs

Twenty years back when a NRI (Non Resident Indian) visited India then large numbers of people would have gathered around him and listen to stories of other world. At that time, there was a big technological difference between India and rest of developed world. Most of Indians of that time where not aware of Metro trains, mobiles, computers, satellite TVs etc. Therefore, these countries look like paradise to common Indians.  Other difference was potential of earning money because in India earning opportunities were very less. Today, this story has changed significantly and we are no way less than people living in advanced nations. Most of latest technologies of world are present in India and there are many people in India who are even more aware than common people of advance countries.  Our country is also becoming an advance nation slowly with numbers of parts already developed. Internet has bridged the gap of knowledge between people and we are much smarter species of

Awareness is important factor to kill most of diseases

In present world, we see large numbers of people suffering from many diseases. It has become very common to find people infected with simple to deadly diseases. Despite having so advanced treatments available numbers of dying people is very high. Life style related diseases have become very common where bad life style of people is killing them. However, most of people realize this fact very late when nothing can be done.  Health is very important part of life because without good health there is no life. An unhealthy person just becomes a burden on others and himself. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to understand importance of good health. Health is something which once gone is very difficult to correct. With some awareness, it is possible for people to avoid many such diseases. It is important for people to be aware about things which are good for their health and things which are bad for their health.  With this simple awareness, we all can avoid products and

Great Actors live around us

Not only great actors are found in cinema; we can find many such great actors around us. These people are so smart in acting that they make many people fool with their acting skills. They use their acting skills for their benefit whether it may create problems for others. Mostly, innocent people never know about their real selfish motives and become victim of their selfishness and fake acting. It is important for us to be aware of such people and their skills so that we can save ourselves from such fake people. These people can be found in every where. They can be our friends, relatives or simply strangers. World is full of such people who are great actors and they use their acting to fool others. If we do not act with smartness then such people can do great harm to us. Therefore, it is in our own benefit to identify such people and not become victim of their fake acting.

My Father’s Retirement

Yesterday, my father retired from his bank job and it was quite an emotional movement for all of us. He was with this job from last 35 years and it was his first job. From today, he is again a free man to enjoy his life as he wants. Some of his friends advised him to start working again after taking a short rest because many of them are doing the same. Though, my father has decided to enjoy his retired life and settle at our ancestral village. He wants to look after village farms and live a peaceful life. Father's Retirement  I also totally agree with his decision because we all have right to enjoy our life as we want. There are not many financial burdens on him as we all are settled. Second, he will get pension benefits from bank. Third, we have good property at village which he can manage. Life at villages is very peaceful in India unlike highly hectic lives of cities; therefore, for a retired person village life offers a great option to start life afresh. At end, I wish h