Anger and Frustration are co-related

If you are becoming angry on small -2 things in life then frustration can be a big reason behind all this because when we become frustrated with life then anger becomes a common story of life. To control anger, it is first important for us to resolve our frustrations. We all live in a very competitive world where success and failures are very common. When people get failures in life then they mostly become frustrated. Now when numbers of such frustrations increases with time then people start becoming angry. 

Level of anger further increases with increase in frustrations. The best way to resolve frustrations is to learn to accept life and its outcomes as it is as they are. There are many things in life over which we have no control; therefore, we should not become frustrated over such incidences and situations in life. It is very important for any person to resolve his frustration because otherwise frustrations can cause many problems in life including high level of anger. 
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