Are you using your smartness for wrong reasons?

There many fools in world who think that they are smart people in this world and everyone else are a fool. They use their smartness in wrong manner just to drag down others. They never use their smartness to uplift others. Many times, such people succeed in getting appreciation of others on the account of defaming others. However, in long run such people just get punch of life in a hard manner because life is a smart teacher. 

It knows very well to educate people who do not follow right path. It is nice to be a smart person; however, it totally wrong to use this smartness for the wrong purpose. When you will use your smartness to hurt others then god will take back this smartness from you. On the other hand, when you will use your smartness for the welfare of others then God will reward you will more smartness. 

It is important to see position of other person before making any judgment because he may be crossing through some difficult time or he may be facing many other reasons. Just finding faults in others is easiest task in this world which any silly person can do. Do not use your smartness for this wrong reason.  
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