Decreasing Difference between Indians and NRIs

Twenty years back when a NRI (Non Resident Indian) visited India then large numbers of people would have gathered around him and listen to stories of other world. At that time, there was a big technological difference between India and rest of developed world. Most of Indians of that time where not aware of Metro trains, mobiles, computers, satellite TVs etc. Therefore, these countries look like paradise to common Indians. 

Other difference was potential of earning money because in India earning opportunities were very less. Today, this story has changed significantly and we are no way less than people living in advanced nations. Most of latest technologies of world are present in India and there are many people in India who are even more aware than common people of advance countries. 

Our country is also becoming an advance nation slowly with numbers of parts already developed. Internet has bridged the gap of knowledge between people and we are much smarter species of planet now. I know some of people living in advance countries like USA who are much behind in technology and awareness than many common Indians. Only difference which is still present is difference of currencies which promote people to migrate to these countries. I hope that this difference will be obsolete in coming days. 
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