My Father’s Retirement

Yesterday, my father retired from his bank job and it was quite an emotional movement for all of us. He was with this job from last 35 years and it was his first job. From today, he is again a free man to enjoy his life as he wants. Some of his friends advised him to start working again after taking a short rest because many of them are doing the same. Though, my father has decided to enjoy his retired life and settle at our ancestral village. He wants to look after village farms and live a peaceful life.

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Father's Retirement 
I also totally agree with his decision because we all have right to enjoy our life as we want. There are not many financial burdens on him as we all are settled. Second, he will get pension benefits from bank. Third, we have good property at village which he can manage. Life at villages is very peaceful in India unlike highly hectic lives of cities; therefore, for a retired person village life offers a great option to start life afresh. At end, I wish him a healthier, peaceful and happy retirement life.
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