No one is perfect in this highly imperfect world

It is very important for all of us to understand that no one is perfect in this highly imperfect world. We all have many shortcomings and so do others; therefore, we should not waste our time by pointing fingers on others. Moreover, it is important for everyone to first see his own shortcomings and then remove them first. Even if you do not see any shortcoming in yourself then also you do not have any right to point fingers on others. 

Every person is unique in his or her way and it is important for us to respect it. Why to point fingers on others? Instead we should learn to ignore most of these things. It is duty of a person himself to improve him and not ours. However, sadly many people do not miss even a single opportunity to interfere in others lives. They never miss an opportunity to let down others. This is very wrong behavior and such behavior is going to hurt you in long run. 
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