Mobile is New Revolution

Mobile, New Revolution, 

When I was a child then even computers were not available around us because they were only restricted to few in big cities only. When I become a teenager then the computers started entering our lives with the start of professional courses to learn computers. I did my first computer course after the tenth exams, though, the computers of that time were very slow and we were dealing with floppies. When I became an adult then I was fascinated with computers and bought my first laptop when I was 26 years old. This laptop has 40 GB hard drive and 256 RAM quite lesser than many of the mobile phones available today. 

After computers, mobiles are a new revolution in our world because today, we can do unlimited things on mobile devices which were even not possible for the computers of the past. We can find exceptionally smart mobile phones in the market which provide extraordinary features. For example, you can do a lot with your iPhone or any other smartphone. Thanks to large numbers of applications, it is very easy to perform any difficult task easily on such devices. 

Today, there is hardly anything which we can not do with a smartphone. These small devices offer many tall features and making our lives very easy. Now anyone can do numbers of essential tasks on the go with much ease. From booking movie tickets to bank transaction, everything can be done securely on such devices. In the future, we can see many new features added to such devices. In the end, I will say that today’s smartphones have a real capacity to make you smart in this world. 
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