Corruption in Defense Deals

Indian army is one of biggest armies of world and to meet its demands, India import many defense arms, equipments and plans. Every year, India buys billions of worth of defense related items from other advance countries of world. The major reason of it is failure of India’s own infrastructure to create advance weapons and equipments. 

Every international company wants to get these lucrative defense orders from India; therefore, many times they take advantage of widespread corruption present in Indian system to secure these orders. Already many cases of bribes in such defense deals are pending before the court. However, there is no stoppage to this corruption and such incidences have become very common. 

Corrupt bureaucrats and leaders looks to have joined hands with each other so that no one can point any finger on them. The other sad part is supply of inferior defense products to India. At the end, these are common Indian and Indian soldiers who become victim of such corruption. This corruption, bribes and inferior products is a big joke to hard earned money of common Indians. 

For how long tax payer’s money will be wasted in such a bad manner, now every India wants answer because it is enough. If government of India fails to stop all this then anger of common Indians is justified in all manners.
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