Your bad deeds will count

Mostly, many bad people feel that they can go away with their bad deals; however, truth is this that every single bad deed counts in this world and everyone is required to pay for it. Therefore, everyone should think many times before doing a single bad deed in this world. We have all got human life to enjoy this life and to do well to others. Thus it is our duty to respect it. If do not give thought to it then we will pay many times in future. 

Now it is our choice that we want to do bad deeds in life or not. Mostly, people like bad deeds because they get results fast through them; however, these fast results also disappear fast. These all choices exit in our hands and we can make such choices with care. Similarly good deeds provide good results and people get great satisfaction by doing them. Good deeds are always remembered by world and such deeds give good results. 
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