Human ego is biggest enemy of self

I have closely seen lives of many people who have failed in life and mostly, I have found single major reason in their failure and this reason was their high ego. Ego is biggest enemy of a person because it stops him or her from growing in life. An egoist person only sees limited opportunities in life because due to his ego, he misses many golden opportunities. Ego is like a poison which grows with time and increasing status of a person. 

This poison first harm the self then harms the other people; therefore, it is very important to kill ego as fast as it starts growing. War of egos is something which no one can win in this world. Only a person who rises above its ego actually wins this war.  The sad time is that we live in a world where we are told from birth to have high egos. 

Sadly, no one tells anyone that this ego will slowly destroys him. Ego is so bad thing that it survives for long time and its harmful effects are very high in numbers. Death of ego is real birth of a person and to live truly in this world, we are required to kill our ego first. 

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