What I Know is Right? Are you suffering from this disease?

Today, large numbers of people in our world suffer from this disease and it is their belief that what they know is right for everyone. Due to this foolish attitude they create many problems for themselves and others. Number of such people is increasing sharply in our society because of increasing ego in people. Earlier, people used to have much less ego as compared to today’s generation; therefore, they believed in listening more than talking more.

 Today, we are seeing reverse of it with large numbers of people with highly inflated egos who believe that they are only right people. This is wrong for society because it has created hatred and divides in people. Everyone must know this fact that they can be wrong some times; therefore, it is not right to force their own beliefs on others. Let others do choose their own paths and make their own decisions. If we will allow this then we will help in creating a better society for all.  
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