To much interference of Parents

Mostly, it is believed that what parents says is right for their children; however, numbers of times it is found that parents interfere too much in their children’s life. Thus their children start feeling suffocation while living with their parents. 

It is right of parents to guide their children and it is also important for children to listen to their parents. However, when anything crosses its limit then it becomes hard for any person to accept it. It is equally important for parents and children to work in direction to have good relationships with each other; otherwise, only tension increases in their relation. 

It is important for parents to learn to leave free their children to take their own decisions because it is wrong to force every decision on them and one day they will revolt. This is happening in many families in India where relationships between parents and children have become very complex because of too much of interference on the part of parents. Today’s youth need more independence and free space; therefore, it becomes important to allow this life to them.
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