Real Victims of Bhanwari Devi Case (kand)?

From last few months, Bhanwari Devi Case of Rajasthan has got major limelight. This case is clear example of use of power and politics for personal advantage. As per the information, Bhanwari Devi was behind power and money so she made relationships with top political leaders and ministers of Rajasthan. She used her beauty to lure political leaders and make relationship with them.

While she went very close to former Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna which resulted in the formation of a CD (popularly known as Bhanwari Devi Sex CD). Further available news tells that she was blackmailing Maderna for advantage. Finally, Bhanwari just disappeared from the scene, now believed dead. Already, all victims are in CBI custody and soon, we can expect breakthrough in this case. However, the major question present in front of us is that how a nurse from small town succeeded in making relationships with top political leaders and how our political leaders can go such down.

This is very very shameful incidence which highlights political dirt present in our system. If we are going to have such weak and shameful leaders then we can not expect much from our politicians. The good news is that CBI is working hard to bring culprits behind the bar and soon, we can expect final charge sheet in this case. Despite catching culprits, we need to clean our political system so that we can have strong and good political leaders in India; otherwise, many Bhanwari Devis will emerge in future.
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