Are we victim of our Ego?

I have seen great role of ego in every person’s life including me. Ego remains a strong part of every individual and it is very hard for any person to neglect its presence. However, there is a very negative side of ego which stops large numbers of people from thinking beyond a circle. Generally, people love and remain comfortable in situations (real or false) where they do not see any compromise with their ego pride. 

This problem can go up to extent when people do not see right things and remain occupied with false believes. Most of people do not go beyond the barriers of their ego. If their ego tells its right then it is right, they have nothing to do with truth. To some extent, we all are victims of ego game which force us to believe something and do not believe the other thing. 

The biggest disadvantage of this ego struggle is that many times, we make wrong decisions and repent later. We start blaming luck for our bad situation and circumstances; however, we never realize that it our own ego which is betraying us. It is important for all us to rise above our ego and start seeing things as they are not as what our ego says to us. It is time to free ourselves from the ego bondage and see totally new world full of freedom and opportunities. 
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