Amazing Story of monkey baby sitter (Video)

Today, I came across a four years old story in which a monkey was baby sitting a 24 day old baby; therefore, I am sharing this story below. People can watch complete video of this monkey baby sitter. This story gives example of animals and their love towards human. In India, we often came across many such stories where animals do numbers of amazing things for humans.

Political Advertisements and Assembly Election 2012

In Early 2012, we will see two assembly elections in Punjab and Utter Pradesh. Both these elections are important elections because they will decide fate of many strong regional political parties like Akali Dal, BSP, SP etc. In Punjab, it is do or die situation for Akali Dal and in UP, it is do or die situation for BSP. Both these parties are in power and they know this fact that it will be going very hard for them win these elections. Therefore, both parties are trying every thing to vow state electorates.

One of such example is huge expenditure on advertisements. Both of these parties are taking help of newspaper and TV advertising to show their achievements. BSP is taking help of 5 minute long TV advertisement to show progress in state of UP during its tenure while Akali Dal is giving full page news paper advertisements to show its government achievements. Why these parties are required to advertise their achievements? The answer is that they think that people of state do not know about them.

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As per political reviews and predictions, both these parties are in danger and they may not succeed in making next governments. Therefore, these parties are looking towards advertisements as a help. Will these advertisements will provide any benefit or not? No one has answer to this question; however, we can know from past records that such campaigns have failed in large numbers of cases. With in few months, it will become clear that how people of Punjab and UP will react to such campaigns.

Valuable Lesson of Life- Glass is half filled or half empty

One of greatest lessons of life is present in this line “Glass is half filled or half empty”. This is not a new line and almost every person knows it; however, problem is that no one believes it. Mostly, we all like to believe part of story which tells that half glass is empty and hardly, we believe on part of story which tells that half glass is filled.

The main reason behind this fact is our tendency to give more weightage to negative things over positive things. For example, we will observe few negative points in a person much earlier as compared to numbers of good points in him. This is basic human tendency to have more focus on negativity. We are grown in such manner that our mind alerts us on seeing a negative point while our mind does not create same stimulation on seeing positive points.

To live happily and peacefully in life, we need to focus our thinking on positive facts of life and we need to learn to ignore negative facts. Though, we can not ignore large numbers of negative points; however, it is much easier to ignore few ones. Moreover, every person in this world has some negative points; therefore, we are required to understand that no person can be perfect. This law also applies to numbers of bad situations in life because these situations in life may be very damaging; however, there are always good points associated with them.

By having our focus on negative parts of life, we create a negative energy around us. This negative energy leads to mental and physical stress in person. On the other hand, by focusing on positive parts of life we create a positive energy which makes us healthy and happy.

When we miss unique moments of life

The unique point of life is its freshness and uniqueness. Every moment, every second life changes many colours and we hardly see same look of life again. Unfortunately, large numbers of people miss this unique part of life because they either remain busy with their past life moments or they remain busy in imagination of future moments. Due to this reason, they never see beauty of life and always blame life for being ugly. God has made life in such manner that it never repeats itself because it wants to surprise us.

These surprises of life create beauty of life and make it unique and fresh. It is very important for every person to come out of his past memories and not indulge in future imaginations at the cost of present life because otherwise we can never unit with life. A person who is one with life lives a very exciting and joyful life as compared to people who remain busy with past or future moments.

Whatever happened in past is an old story and no one can change it while what will happen in future is a mystery; therefore, it is total wastage of our brain energy on useless things. On the other hand, we can live in present life like fresh water flows in river. This act does not require any effort from our part because we flow with life and dance with it. Life is great in all aspects; we can see it by changing our attitude towards life.

Report on John Abraham and Bipasha Basu move on

Up to last year, there were many news stories in media about Jahn and Bispasha’s love chemistry; however, today situation is very different because both of them have separated from each other and they can be seen with different partners. Below people can watch report on John and Bispasha’s new life. As per news, Bispasha is presently seeing Shahid Kapoor while John Abraham is busy with new face Neha. This report suggests that both of them have moved on from their past relationship and busy in making new starts.

Rakhi Sawant wants to Marry Baba Ramdev (Video Report)

Rakhi Sawant always remain busy in making headlines; therefore, she is again in news because she wants to marry Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and she is ready to marry him if he says yes. Now it is hard to say what will be reply of Baba Ramdev; however, one thing is clear that this statement of Rakhi Sawant has become news. Rakhi Sawant is known for bold speech and she has said many such statements in past too. Below, people can watch this statement of Rakhi Sawant in which she expressed her desire to marry Baba with ANI report.

Life Insurance is must

The one of main beauty of life is that it is very uncertain and anything can happen any time; therefore, it is very important for every person to remain ready for such surprises. Life insurance plays a crucial role in helping our family under difficult situations. Today, people can find many attractive insurance pans at very economical rates. People can get help of number of websites to find a suitable life insurance plan. People can easily select a life insurance plan as per their need. If they are looking for a cheap then they can go for it or if they are looking an insurance plan which provides good returns then they can go for. It totally depends on a person that which life insurance plan will suit him most. With good life insurance cover, people can live a relaxed life without any fear of unforeseen difficulties.

Pay Tax Honestly and on Time to build a strong Nation

31st july is last date to pay tax in India for all salary class persons. Today, it has become much easier to pay tax and we can pay our tax online in few minutes. Money collected from taxes is used for the welfare of country; therefore, it is very important for every citizen of India to pay their taxes honestly and on time. People who want to file their income online can read useful article How to file e-return (Income tax return online) India? (Updated).

Few years back before the start of online filing of income tax return, it was very cumbersome job to pay tax. People were required to visit many times offices of tax lawyers, accountants and income tax officials to file their tax on time. Despite so many efforts, people used to face numbers of rejections due to various errors. Now thanks to online Tax filing, it has become few minutes job to pay income tax on time and with in few months, people can get back tax refunds.

For the growth of any country, it is very important that its citizens should pay their taxes on time and properly. Governments use these funds to construct important infrastructures for country which in returns help public. Governments also run on these funds; therefore, lack of funds can disrupt smooth running of a government. Many people do not pay their taxes honestly and thus cheat country.

These people do not realize that they are hindering the growth of nation by not giving their contributions needed for the growth of country. It is moral duty of every person to understand this fact and pay his or her tax on time so that our country can become a great nation.

Dail 108 Emergency Ambulance Service Great Boom for Punjab

Dail 108 Emergency Ambulance Service is one of greatest gift of present Akali-BJP Government to people of Punjab. Similar 108 Services are present in many other states of India like Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakand. The main advantage of this service is that people can dial a toll free number 108 from any mobile/landline in Punjab during medical emergencies and an ambulance will reach them within few minutes. Each medical ambulance has a driver, trained medical technician and major life supporting equipments. These ambulances will take patients to nearby Govt hospitals.

All Ambulances have GPS tracking system; therefore, nearest ambulance will be rushed to accident site. Main control room of Punjab 108 service is at Amritsar and from here, these ambulances will be sent to accident locations. This service has already become very hit by saving lives of many accident victims, pregnant ladies and other medically unfit people. This service is still to fully roll out at many districts of Punjab; however, people of Punjab are very jubilant about start of 108 service in Punjab. Now, it is important for every person to store 108 number in his phone and dial it during medical emergencies so that life of a person can be saved.

Watch Trailer Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi movie “Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster“. This film is directed by Tigmanshu dhulia. The main cast of film includes Mahi Gill of Dev D, Randeep Hooda and Jimmy Sheirgill. In this movie, people can watch Mahi Gill in many bold scenes. Story of film is based on Love, Lust and Betrayal.

Need for Emergency Road Services

It is very important for developing country like India to provide emergency road services on all major roads of India because in difficult situations, these services can provide great help. In developed nations, we can find many such service companies which provide emergency road services during emergency situations. In India few private companies have come up in some parts; however, major expansion is required to service all people with emergency road service. During accidents or otherwise failures of a vehicle, many people need such services and at certain remote location this services can provide great help. Hopefully, soon we can see such services started by government and private companies around India so that it can become great comfort to drive on Indian roads.

Time Wastage is a Great Sin

Millions of people across the world fail in life because they do not give importance to time management and waste their otherwise precious time. Opportunities generally knock at our doors for few times only and we are required to reply to them on time for getting good results. However, people generally do not understand importance of time available in their hands; thus they do not utilize their time in proper way.

Time is a great asset available with every person; however, very less numbers of people actually understand its full value. By utilizing our time in best possible way, we can easily reap major benefits in life. People who understand importance of time and they utilize their time well; they reduce numbers of difficulties and problems coming in to their lives. With some efforts, we can easily convert our time in to great asset for future benefits while due to habit of time wastage we can ruin our time asset.

Mostly, these people regret later in life that why they wasted their time and why they did not utilized it in proper way. Laziness and habit of postponing important things is biggest enemy of any person because people waste their time asset for them. No two times in life can be same and it is always better to finish a work at earlier stage because later no one knows we may have time or not. With time wastage, we actually waste our life purpose and ruin our great future. It is now up to us that how we want to utilize our time.

Has India become a capital of financial frauds?

In India, it is very easy for criminals to do financial frauds because laws are very poor to handle such crimes. Therefore, we see massive financial frauds done by criminals, political leaders and bureaucrats on regular basis. From where these people get so much confidence to do all this, the answer is simple – No fear of prevailing laws. Present laws are not enough to grill such people and if any how they are caught then they move away with lighter punishments.

These financial frauds range from few crores to lakhs of crores. One of best option to make quick money is to start a financial chit firm or survey firm; then they lure people to invest in their companies for much better returns as compared to registered companies. However, the major problem with these companies is that they do not work as per prevailing laws and misguide people about their investments. These companies do offer incentives to people for adding more numbers of people.

Ordinary people generally got carried away by such plans and advertisements and they invest in such companies without proper investigation. Initially, these companies give good returns for few initial years to attract more numbers of investors. Many such companies soon disappear after collecting crores of rupees of people. Similarly, our leaders and bureaucrats do eat large sum of money originally granted for welfare works.

Every year, we see many such frauds coming to surface; however, non availability of proper laws make it hard for investigating agencies to pursue their case against such people. Therefore, these people move free after doing massive financial frauds and plan new frauds. It is very important for country like India to make much stronger laws so that such companies or people can be punished and no one should try to commit such crimes in future.

Watch trailer of Salman Kareena's New Movie Bodyguard

Below watch promo trailer of Salman-Kareena's forthcoming Hindi romantic movie “Bodyguard”. This film is remake of 2010 Malayalam hit film with same name. This film is directed by Siddique. In this film, we will see Salman Khan playing role of Bodyguard of Kareena Kapoor. This film is expected to release across the world on 31st August, 2011. The main cast of film includes Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Hazel Keech and Mahesh Manjrekar.

Power of Flood water: Patalpani tragedy Video

Few days back whole nation got shocked when we got chance to see Patalpani tragedy on our TV screens. In this video, we all saw power of flood water and why flood water in very dangerous. During rainy season, water can anytime rise in rivers as we saw in this video; therefore, it very important for people to avoid taking such risks. Below, we can watch complete video of Patalpani tragedy which reminds us of horrific tragedy caused by human negligence.

Art of unlearning (Knowledge to Wisdom)

From our childhood, we start learning new things and mostly, this learning never stops. There is nothing wrong in learning new things because knowledge helps us to understand life. However, there exists a problem in overburden of knowledge because with abundant knowledge we sometimes see a confused or unclear picture of life.

A person with limited knowledge can take a bold decision with much ease as compared to knowledgeable person because he hardly has any knowledge about side effects or after effects of his decision. Many times, we fail to take new paths in life because of fears of failures in life. From last 32 years, I have gathered lots of information about life; however, with this knowledge I have also gathered lots of knowledge about shortcomings of human life, relationships and capabilities.

As the level of knowledge is increasing; so, I am becoming a more calculative and fearful person. This knowledge is actually creating a wall between my creativities and real results. I have slowly becoming a prisoner of my knowledge because it does not allow me to do lots of things. I still remember when I was a child then I had more power to take risks and put my creativity in to action. Today, knowledge of failures and shortcoming of life stops me from taking risks and trying new paths.

This knowledge also creates lots of stress because with increase in knowledge we start confining us to set parameters which do not support our free nature. Therefore, now I want to unlearn everything and make a new start so that I can see life fresh. Mostly, we believe that we become smart and wise with lots of knowledge; however, truth is quite different as we become burdened and restricted with it whereas we become free and true towards life with no knowledge at all. When we think that we know everything then we lose inner desire to see life afresh. Life is very surprising and we can explore all surprises of life with Art of unlearning.

Time Table and Schedule India Vs England Test, T20 and ODI matches 2011

Presently, Indian cricket team is in England to play four test matches, one T20 and five ODI matches. Through this Indian cricket team tour of England cricket fans can enjoy numbers of interesting games between India and England. This tour will start with first test on 21st July, 2011 and will end with last ODI on 16th Sep, 2011. Below get complete Time Table and Schedule of India Vs England Test, T20 and ODI series.

Match            Date              Time           Place

1st Test       21-25 July       15:30 IST         Lord’s
                                10:00 GMT
2nd Test       29 July- 2 Aug   15:30 IST        Nottingham
                                10:00 GMT
3rd Test       10-14 Aug        15:30 IST        Birmingham
                                10:00 GMT
4th Test       18-22 Aug        15:30 IST      Kennington Oval
                                10:00 GMT

T20         31st Aug            00:30 IST      Manchester
                                19:00 GMT

1st ODI     3rd Sep             14:45 IST      Chester-le-Stree
                                 9:15 GMT
2nd ODI     6th Sep             18:30 IST      Southampton (D/N)
                                13:00 GMT
3rd ODI     9th Sep             18:30 GMT      Oval (D/N)
                                13:00 GMT
4th ODI     11th Sep            14:45 GMT      Lord's, 
                                 9:15 GMT
5th ODI     16th Sep            18:30 IST      Cardiff (D/N)
                                13:OO GMT

Does it is near to Impossible to stop Terrorist attacks on India?

Yesterday’s terrorist attack at three different places in Mumbai shocked whole of nation because suddenly a peaceful nation become prime target of terrorists. Two dozens of innocent people lost their lives while hundreds got injured. Terrorists become successful in terrorizing Mumbai after 31 peaceful months. Indian intelligence network completely failed and there was no warning available with government about this incidence; though, sadly Indian home minister says that it is near to impossible to stop such incidence because Mumbai is big city with many small crowded streets.

Similarly, Congress’s Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi do believe same that it is not possible for government to stop such incidences completely. Now when our top leaders of Government will says such lines then on whom people of India should trust. India and major big cities of it have always remained soft target of terrorists; however, governments have failed to take necessary measures to stop such incidences. Terrorists are much smarter than police and intelligence agencies because they succeed in their acts.

It is moral responsibility of government of India to protect every citizen of India by doing all efforts. Government and leaders can not free themselves from such incidences by showing their inability. If it is not possible for our top leaders to provide full protection to people of India then they should resign and give their position to some other responsible leaders.

Watch Trailer of Shahid Kapoor’s forthcoming film Mausam

Below watch trailer of Shahid Kapoor’s forthcoming film “Mausam”. The main cast of film includes Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Pankaj Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak. Movie Mausam is directorial debut of Pankaj Kapoor and in this movie; we will first time see together Shahid Kapoor and Pankaj Kapoor in single film. This film is expected to release on September 16, 2011. Movie is shot at various exotic locations in London,Edinburgh, Switzerland and India. In movie Mausam, we will see Shahid Kapoor in the role of an Air officer and enjoy first time romantic chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.

Protection of Smart Phone with Mobile Cases

Today, smart phones have become an integral part of our life because these phones help us to do numbers of smart works instantly. Any person can easily book railway, air or movie tickets on their smart phone. It is very much possible for us to surf net and do important work on move with the help of our smart phones; therefore, no person wants to cause any damage to his smart phone. By providing proper protection, we can easily save our mobile phone from various dangers. Good smart phone cases like iphone 3g cases can provide a great protection to our smart phone from numbers of sudden danger. We can keep our smart phone scratch proof by placing it in a good case. A good quality case can be very useful tool in reducing various protection worries related to smart phones.

Serial Bomb Blasts once again thrilled Mumbai (Video)

Three bomb blasts today thrilled Mumbai around 6:55 PM. These blasts took place at three highly crowded areas Opera House, Dadar and Zaveri Bazar of Mumbai. Police also got one live bomb at Santa Cruz area. So far, 20 people have died in this incidence and 113 are reported injured. As per police, Indian Mujahideen or Lashkar-e-Toiba could be behind these blasts. With this incidence, Terrorists have again showed that they are strong enough to strike anywhere. As these bomb blasts took place at high crowded areas of Mumbai; therefore, numbers of people died and injured in these incidence can increase many times. This incidence also highlights failure of intelligence and security forces. Below, watch video report on Mumbai blast 2011.

Watch HD Trailer movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Below watch High definition trailer of forthcoming Hollywood movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. It is a science fiction film and directed by Rupert Wyatt. This film is expected to release across world on 5th Aug, 2011. In this film, we will see Indian origin heroine Freida Pinto. Other cast of movie includes James Franco, Andy Serkis, John Lithgow etc. Story of film revolves around apes that get human like intelligence during Alzheimer’s research on them and then we see struggle between humans and apes.

Utter Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election 2012

One of biggest states of India, Utter Pradesh (UP) is going for Assembly Election in few months. Presently, UP is governed by Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which won 2007 Assembly Election by getting comfortable majority of 206 out of total seats of 403. In earlier Assembly Elections, no political party was able to win full majority and these were hung assemblies. However, in 2007 Assembly Election people of UP showed their confidence in BSP lead by Mayawati and gave it full majority.

Many political pundits (experts) predicted that in 2007 UP assembly election, it will be again hung assembly; however, Brahmin-Dalit combination helped Mayawati to see a historic win in UP. During, BSP rule state saw stable government for five years and state saw progress in major areas; though, lots of things still remained to be desired. The major concern during present BSP rule is law and order condition in UP which is still cause of great concern.

Employment, corruption, government apathy and forceful land acquisition are some of problems which common people of UP are still facing. During 4 and half years rule of Mayawati, many BSP MLAs and minister were charged with criminal offenses which decreased credibility of government; though, Mayawati did right work by removing these persons from party. BSP got major set back in 2009 Loksabha Election (just held after two years of Assembly election) when it got only 20 Loksabha seats out of total 80 Loksabha seats in UP.

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Congress which won only 22 assembly seats in 2007 Assembly Election surprised everyone by winning 21 Loksabha Election and emerged second largest political party in state. Samajwadi Party (SP) is other biggest party in UP which can play major role in 2012 assembly election. SP won 97 seats in 2007 Assembly election and there are good chances that SP will get similar numbers of seats in 2012 election. Other Biggest party, BJP won 51 seats in Loksabha election; however, it presently struggling to find a strong ground in UP.

Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) is small political party which can emerge as king maker in 2012 assembly election. In 2012 Assembly Election major surprise could be strong emergence of Congress in UP. At present all situations points towards a hung assembly in 2012 UP assembly election with many surprises to see.

Shocking Video of Coimbatore Murder caught on Camera

Below watch a shocking video of murder of a person in Coimbatore by his drunken friends in full public glare. Surprising, nobody came forward to rescue this person who was beaten very badly by his friends. The name of person was Santosh Kumar and his age was 28 year old. This whole incidence took place at a busy traffic signal. Santosh was admitted to hospital; however, he later succumbed to his injuries. Police arrested four culprits with the help of video clip recorded by hidden camera located nearby. This incidence show increasing violence level in our society and how people are becoming intolerable. Moreover, it also showed decreasing nature of people to help each other. This incidence has highlighted importance of surveillance cameras at important places.

Rahul Gandhi’s 2012 Utter Pradesh (UP) Mission

It’s look that Rahul Gandhi is presently on win UP 2012 mission because in 2012 Assembly election for Utter Pradesh (UP) will take place. UP is very important state of India politically because it sends 80 MPs to Loksabha and 30 MPs to Rajya Sabha; therefore, every political party wants to increase its presence in UP.

In last two decades, Congress has lost its political presence in UP; though thanks to Rahul Gandhi's work in UP, it regained its political ground in 2009 Loksabha election by winning 21 seats. In this election, Congress emerged second largest political party in UP after many years. Therefore, Congress has become sure that Rahul factor can help Congress in winning 2012 UP Assembly Election or Congress can emerge as single Largest party in UP.

Due to this reason, Rahul Gandhi is mostly seen in UP and presently, he fighting for the farmers of UP against land acquisition by UP government lead by Mayawati. Rahul Gandhi is getting good support from public and millions of people are gathering in his meetings. The main attraction of Rahul’s mission UP is that he is doing everything alone without any help from big leaders of Congress.

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At present numbers of factors are in Rahul Gandhi’s favor as most of opposition parties in UP are struggling within themselves; therefore, it is almost becoming sure that Rahul factor will help Congress in this Assembly Election. Present UP government of Mayawati has lost trust of people of Utter Pradesh and it became clear in 2009 Loksabha election when it got only 20 seats out of total 80 Loksabha seats; therefore, it is very hard for BSP to retain power.

2012 UP Assembly Election provides a great opportunity in front of Rahul Gandhi to show his political potential and emerge as strong leader.

Listen to Hanuman Chalisa in fast for great spiritual awakening

Hanuman Chalisa is great option available in the hands of Hanuman devotees to please god hanuman. In India, we can see good numbers of people who pray to Hanuman god constantly. God Hanuman got great significance because of his true and selfless service of Lord Rama. With his great service, God Hanuman has become great example of devotion and service. God Hanuman is so much near to Lord Rama that he fulfills wishes of all Hanuman devotees. It is also widely believed people can save themselves from spirits and black magic by praying to Hanumana. Hanuman Chalisa is best solution available in the hands of people to please god Hanuman. Below watch listen to Hanuman Chalisa sung by Param Pujya Shri Ashwinkumar Pathak of Shri Sundarkand Parivar, Ahmedabad, India.

Watch Trailer John Abraham's Hindi Movie Force

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Trailer John Abraham's Hindi Movie Force. This film is directed by Nishikant Kamat and produced by Vipul Shah. Main cast of film includes John Abraham and Genelia Dsouza. Moive force is remake of Tamil Hit movie Kaakha Kaakha in which actor Surya played lead role. The story of film revolves around police officer and his fight against criminals. In this action packed film, people can watch John Abraham in full action. This film is expected to be released in next few months.

It is better to read about drugs

Today, we can find many drugs in market and on online stores which makes numbers of claims. Many times, people do get attracted towards these claims and they start using these drugs. However, it is very important to verify such claims of these drugs because sometimes, these drugs may cause major side effects. Today, it is very easy for people to search desired information on internet and learn about a drug. For example, if you are looking for information related to diet pills then you can visit a website which provide information of such drugs. With proper information, it can become very easy for people to decide that they should use a certain drug or not. People can also read reviews of others on this site; thus they can get lots of useful information on drugs online and avoid accidental use of wrong drugs.

Planning plays a lead role in construction of a Dream Home

If you are thinking about constructing your own dream home then you need to plan well because it has become very hard in present time to construct a home. In last few years, cost of construction material and land has shot up significantly thus making it hard for millions of middle class Indians to construct their dream homes. On the other hand, constant increasing price of essential items is making it hard for people to save significantly for future.

Today, any person needs Rs 20 to Rs 40 Lakh rupees for the construction of a home which is very big amount for most of Indian middle class. Cost of land has seen five to ten times increase in last ten years because of real estate boom in India. Therefore, it is very hard for any individual to construct his dream home unless he plans very well. The main part of planning is saving and then investing this saving in to good investment plans. For example, in last five years gold prices have almost doubled thus it is wise to save money in the form of gold because net worth of our savings increases with increase in price of gold and it is quite inflation proof.

It is also wise to invest in good stocks for short term of one to three years because prices of many shares increase two to ten times in very short time; however, risk level slightly increases in stock market investment. People can also invest their money in land because land prices too give very good returns. By investing wisely in these three alternatives, people can easily increase net worth of their savings; therefore, they can easily construct their dream home in much lesser time. Otherwise, with conventional saving solutions and increasing inflation, it is very hard to save significantly and construct a dream home.

Watch First Look Trailer Movie “Talismaan”

Below watch first look official trailer of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's forthcoming epic Hindi movie “Talismaan”. This film is believed to be inspired from epic story of Chandrakanta, on which few serials have already being made on small screen. This film is directed by Ram Madhvani. Amitabh Bachan is playing lead role in this film; so far there is no information available on other star cast of film. In Talismaan, people will get chance to see epic story of Chandrakanta on big screen. Already, Chandrakanta is very popular epic story; therefore, books and serials on it have remained very successful. In this trailer of Talismaan, people can watch Amitabh Bachan is totally new look.

Watch Beautiful Salsa dance presentation by a dog

Dog is truly a faithful and multi talented animal present in our society. From time to time, we find numbers of amazing things being by them. Below, people can watch one such amazing act by a dog where it is performing salsa in a truly professional way. This dog performed salsa so brilliantly that many talented salsa dancers may fail in front of it. This dog may be a he or she performed greatly and anyone can watch his great performance by watching video available below.

Massive Fraud by Chit Fund firms in India

Presently, millions of people across India are filling being cheated by numbers of chit fund firms which lured them to deposit their hard earned money with them for getting more returns. These firms collected thousands of crores of Rupees from ordinary people with assurance of providing maximum returns. These companies presented themselves as real estate developers, dairy owners, tree growers etc. However, police upon investigation found that they do not have assets in match with money collected by them.

Most of chit fund companies claimed properties and projects worth of crores of rupees across India; however, in reality they do not have much presence in India and their assets are very limited. Some chit fund companies claimed that they will provide flats to people, some claimed that they will give cattle in return, some claimed for giving higher money returns. However, most of companies defaulted on their claims and many customers of these companies did not receive what they were assured while investing with these chit fund firms.

This whole racket of chit fund firms came in to light when Madhya Pradesh police registered cases against three dozen such companies including PACL ltd. Now police in other states do have started investigation against such firms and they are sealing offices of such companies. Investors are gathering in the offices of such companies in large numbers to get back their money; however, most of companies are just trying to persuade their customers to have trust in company.

At present, it is very hard for customers to remain with these firms because their frauds have come to light; therefore, people want their money back. Most of chit funds companies do not have money or assets to pay back their customers; therefore, they are defaulting on their claims and returns. Police has sealed offices and properties associate with these companies; however, worth of such assets is very less as compared to total money of depositors.

It is very important for government of India to thoroughly investigate such frauds and make hard laws to avoid such frauds in future; otherwise ordinary people of India will get cheated by such firms again and again.

Punjab Assembly Election Battle 2012

Though, Punjab Assembly Election 2012 are six months away; however, election battle has clearly started in state with both main contenders of power Akali-BJP alliance and Congress starting pre-poll campaigns. In earlier article Punjab Assembly Election 2012, I tried to describe present political situation in Punjab. There are total of 117 assembly seats in Punjab and any party or alliance needs to win 59 seats to make next government in state. 

In last 2007 Punjab Assembly Election, Akali Dal-BJP alliance came to power by winning 67 seats out of total 117 seats (Akali Dal 48 and BJP 19). In same election, Congress won 44 seats while 5 seats were won by independent candidates whereas other opposition parties like CPM and BSP failed to win a single seat (To know more read Final Result Punjab Election-2007).

In 2012 election, we will again see main fight between Akali-BJP alliance and Congress. If we go by 2009 Loksabha Election Results then Congress looks in strong position because Congress won 8 Loksabha seats out of total 13 seats while SAD won 5 and BJP got just 1 seat). 2009 Loksabha Election Results of Punjab provide some glimpse that people of Punjab are not totally happy with present SAD-BJP government. Though, after 2009 Loksabha election Punjab has seen many positive changes.

In Punjab, it is history of alternate win of SAD or Congress; therefore, if we go with this trend then Congress has good chances this time. Overall, it is going to be a furious election battle in Punjab with both SAD-BJP alliance and Congress working hard to win it.

Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachan’s Rare and Unseen Pictures

Today, undoubtedly Aishwarya is biggest cine star from India because her great performances in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This 37 year old film actress has made whole world her fan because of great acting talent. Shortly, she is going to give birth to a baby which will make Aishwarya a mother. Below, people can watch some of rare and unseen pictures from the life of Aishwarya Rai. These pictures are great gift for all Aishwarya fans. To Know more on Aishwarya visit Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Salman Khan to work in Four Sequels

In last two years, we are seeing trend of making sequels of hit movies because sequels of most of hit movies are also becoming hit. Therefore, four sequels of Salman Khan’s four hit film are also coming. These hit films of Salman Khan are Dabanng, Partner, Wanted and No Entry. Salman is to play lead role in all four sequels; therefore, Salman Khan has become one actor with most sequels. At present Salman Khan Movies are considered best bet for box office success; therefore, we are seeing so many sequels of his movie. Below, people can watch video report this news.

Review movie- Delly Belly (Superb film with new innovative concept)

Movie Delly Belly first came in to news because of it’s “A” certificate and then for vulgar ton used in songs. Many people thought it is game plan of producer Amir Khan to make his film hit. However, after watching this film everyone is saying one thing and this film is ahead of time. Delly Belly is one such movie which is likely to take Bollywood to new levels of experiments and entertainment.

Delly Belly is so engaging movie that any person hardly find a small time to do something else. Running time of movie Delly Belly is just 102 minutes which makes it a short film like Hollywood movie; however, despite this short time movie provides a complete entertainment package. This film is clearly for mature audience because of vulgar language used in this film and some scenes which are appropriate for adults only.

This film is likely to find great acceptance among young crowd because of its bold approach. The main cast of film Imran Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Poorna Jagannathan, Vir Das and Shenaz Treasurywala has given superb performance and we find them one with characters of films. This is second film of director Abhinay Deo whose recently released movie Game failed to show any great performance.

Music of film has already become hit and people have liked new style of lyrics. I truly enjoyed Delly Belly and remained laughing most of time while watching movie. From my side, Delly Belly is one of best and most entertaining movie of 2011 which no adult should miss.

Rating- 4/5

Video of visit of Amitab Bachan to Ajmer Sharif

Yesterday Amitab Bachan visited Dargāh Sharīf of Khwāja Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī situated at Ajmer (Rajasthan). Millions of people from across the world visit Dargah Sharif to pay homage to
Khwaja. It is believed that Khwaja completes wishes of any person when he prays with Khwaja to fulfill it. Amitab Bachan also visited Ajmar and Dargah Sharif to pay his tribute to Khawaja for completing his wish which he asked 40 years back. He tied a knot 40 years back at Dargah which he united during this visit because of fulfillment of his wish by Khwaja. Below, people can watch short video of visit of Amitab Bachan to Ajmer.

Facebook Vs Google +, which will survive?

Few years back, Google was undisputed leader of online world with maximum numbers of page views and audience. However, in last two years Facebook has almost shocked Google and become one of most visited and viewed website which has more audience then all services of Google put together. Moreover, popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day and it has reached every household and neighborhood. From a teenager to elder, all can be found on facebook. Facebook first failed Google’s social networking service Orkut and now it is threatening its popular services like Youtube, picasa etc.

To tackle increasing competition from Faebook, Google is coming up with Google+, a new innovative social network. In Google plus, Google is providing services like video chats called hangouts, Circles of friends for more privacy, photo sharing and sparks to read and share news etc. With Google Plus, Google is trying to attack on weak privacy features of facebook. Google has created hype about its product Google+ by making it an invitation only to join it; therefore, any person needs an invitation from present user of Google plus to join it.

Google plus is main hope of Google to remain market leader on internet because if Google+ failed in defeating Facebook then it will only end up making facebook more strong. Google plus scores in terms of video chatting and privacy; however, facebook is also likely to come up with new features soon to decrease this advantage of Google+. The main reason behind success of facebook is its simplicity. Privacy alone is slightly over hyped concept because large numbers of people join social networking sites to make new friends because no one has time in real life to do so.

At first look, it looks that it will be hard for Google plus to beat facebook because Google+ looks to be slightly complex as compared to facebook; therefore, it may not get wide acceptance among ordinary public.
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