Art of unlearning (Knowledge to Wisdom)

From our childhood, we start learning new things and mostly, this learning never stops. There is nothing wrong in learning new things because knowledge helps us to understand life. However, there exists a problem in overburden of knowledge because with abundant knowledge we sometimes see a confused or unclear picture of life.

A person with limited knowledge can take a bold decision with much ease as compared to knowledgeable person because he hardly has any knowledge about side effects or after effects of his decision. Many times, we fail to take new paths in life because of fears of failures in life. From last 32 years, I have gathered lots of information about life; however, with this knowledge I have also gathered lots of knowledge about shortcomings of human life, relationships and capabilities.

As the level of knowledge is increasing; so, I am becoming a more calculative and fearful person. This knowledge is actually creating a wall between my creativities and real results. I have slowly becoming a prisoner of my knowledge because it does not allow me to do lots of things. I still remember when I was a child then I had more power to take risks and put my creativity in to action. Today, knowledge of failures and shortcoming of life stops me from taking risks and trying new paths.

This knowledge also creates lots of stress because with increase in knowledge we start confining us to set parameters which do not support our free nature. Therefore, now I want to unlearn everything and make a new start so that I can see life fresh. Mostly, we believe that we become smart and wise with lots of knowledge; however, truth is quite different as we become burdened and restricted with it whereas we become free and true towards life with no knowledge at all. When we think that we know everything then we lose inner desire to see life afresh. Life is very surprising and we can explore all surprises of life with Art of unlearning.
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