Video of visit of Amitab Bachan to Ajmer Sharif

Yesterday Amitab Bachan visited Dargāh Sharīf of Khwāja Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī situated at Ajmer (Rajasthan). Millions of people from across the world visit Dargah Sharif to pay homage to
Khwaja. It is believed that Khwaja completes wishes of any person when he prays with Khwaja to fulfill it. Amitab Bachan also visited Ajmar and Dargah Sharif to pay his tribute to Khawaja for completing his wish which he asked 40 years back. He tied a knot 40 years back at Dargah which he united during this visit because of fulfillment of his wish by Khwaja. Below, people can watch short video of visit of Amitab Bachan to Ajmer.

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