Does it is near to Impossible to stop Terrorist attacks on India?

Yesterday’s terrorist attack at three different places in Mumbai shocked whole of nation because suddenly a peaceful nation become prime target of terrorists. Two dozens of innocent people lost their lives while hundreds got injured. Terrorists become successful in terrorizing Mumbai after 31 peaceful months. Indian intelligence network completely failed and there was no warning available with government about this incidence; though, sadly Indian home minister says that it is near to impossible to stop such incidence because Mumbai is big city with many small crowded streets.

Similarly, Congress’s Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi do believe same that it is not possible for government to stop such incidences completely. Now when our top leaders of Government will says such lines then on whom people of India should trust. India and major big cities of it have always remained soft target of terrorists; however, governments have failed to take necessary measures to stop such incidences. Terrorists are much smarter than police and intelligence agencies because they succeed in their acts.

It is moral responsibility of government of India to protect every citizen of India by doing all efforts. Government and leaders can not free themselves from such incidences by showing their inability. If it is not possible for our top leaders to provide full protection to people of India then they should resign and give their position to some other responsible leaders.
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