From Lakhpati to Crorepati with Saving

Mostly, we think that we need to earn lots of money for becoming extremely rich; however, we mostly miss vital ingredient for becoming rich. This vital ingredient is good habit of saving. Saving has great power in it to increase our wealth many times and completing many of our dreams. I know one of my friends who first become Lakhpati with the help of habit of saving and now slowly, his saving and wealth is going to make him crorepati soon. My friend saved hard when my other friends did not give any importance to saving.

Today with his habit of saving, he has two plots worth Rs 25 Lakhs and a good house. He used to save 30 to 70% of his earning depending on circumstances which may look impossible to many. After accumulating good saving after two to three years, he used to invest his savings in to land or gold. With time, price of land and gold has increased many times so his wealth has also increased many times. Amazing thing about him is that he was employment with moderate salary of few thousand rupees. Today, he has more wealth than most of his friends.

He is true and self made crorepati in my eyes because he earned crore rupees through his wise efforts only. In this whole story, main role is played by his habit of savings. Most of people in India save less than 1% of total earning; therefore, miss financial benefits offered by saving. With good habit of saving, it is possible for any person to save few thousands to few lakhs rupees in a single year only. Soon, this money can be invested wisely for getting better results. With combination of hard saving and wise investing, any person can become first Lakhpati and then shortly Crorepati.
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