Are we heading towards World economic crisis?

Today, if we see around then we can clearly see a big economic crisis coming our way. Half of world nations are facing revolt by common people because of increasing prices, unemployment and poor living conditions. Remaining half of world nations are finding it very hard to remain on track of sustainable economical growth. Prices of essential food items have increased rapidly around the world; thus making it hard for billions of ordinary people to eat healthy diet.

Almost every nation of world is facing acute condition of unemployment. Overall, there is great restlessness among ordinary people across the world where people are finding it hard to remain calm; therefore, we are seeing great protests by ordinary people to change governments or to change corrupt leaders. Our world mainly runs on oil energy; however, crude oil prices are making new records; thus derailing growth story of many nations. 80% of world governments are corrupt and 50% of governments have lost faith of people.

Main population of world belongs to ordinary people who only want daily food to eat, a simple job and good living conditions. These big economic growth stories do not excite everyone; however, economic failures do cause billions of people to suffer in pain. With present economic policies and widespread corruption, it is very hard to attain goal of economic success; however, big world economic crisis is likely to hit us in coming times.
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