Do we truly want welfare of our regional languages?

Recently, Baba Ramdev started agitation against black money and through this agitation; he also raised voice against massive use of English language in our system. In past too many people have raised such voices and advocated use of local or regional language in main stream. These efforts have yielded some results and many state governments now strictly follow local languages in daily official activities.

This action of many state governments is very encouraging and it gives some life to regional languages. However, in present metro culture and in upper class of society, we hardly find acceptance of local or regional languages. Local or regional languages have become political symbols than real agendas. It is very hard to revive local or regional languages in India unless we make our younger generation familiar with such languages.

 Regional or local languages are alive in our society because people living in villages have deeper link with them and they are real caretakers of such languages. However, with migration of people from villages to big cities and demand of global languages; our regional languages are losing their shine. It is very hard to strengthen regional languages with the help of some rules and regulations only unless we truly create a connection between upcoming generation and regional languages.
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