Survival of fittest in Human world

This world is totally familiar with Charles Darwin’s famous statement of “Survival of Fittest”. According to this statement, only strongest species survive with time while weaker species become extinct with time. This statement is also 100% true to human beings where stronger human beings survive and become successful while weaker human beings fail.

Stronger human beings does not only indicate human beings with strong human body but it also points towards strong human beings with stronger emotional strength. Moreover, it is much import to become emotionally strong than only having a strong body because in present competitive world, we continuously face mental stress where only emotional toughness can help us.

Present stressful life constantly through in fronts of us many emotional disturbances which create various mental tensions in us. Numbers of emotionally weak people fail to fight such mental tensions and become victim of various mental disorders and illnesses. While emotionally and physically strong people face these problems boldly and soon find solutions to come out of these problems.

Thus strong people (strong both physically and emotionally) survive in human world while weak people (weak both physically and emotionally) leave this world as unknown beings.
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