Balance between mind and heart

To become a true person, it is very important for us to look this world from the eyes of our heart and take decisions with the wisdom of mind. Generally, we like to live a very logical life where everything happens as per certain rules or patterns. Here we hardly find any scope for rethinking or exploring new ways. We always trust our brain and never give chance to our heart to prove it. Slowly, we get trapped in mind game to prove ourselves right and others wrong.

To contrary to mind, heart never puts anyone wrong nor does it feed our ego to put us right whereas it just helps to see right things in right prospective. Unfortunately, we live in a mind oriented world where mind has supreme control over heart. Control of mind on human body may make someone very superior intellectually but it erodes human beauty out of us.

We are human to the point where we listen to our heart and see world through its eyes. Mind should work as guide to find right path in a difficult situation; however, it should not put control on us. To caution everyone, heart does possess such tendencies if we become totally dependent on our heart. To live a good and balanced life, we need help of proper coordination between heart and mind.
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