Life is too short to waste

If any person believes that his life is very long then he is very very wrong because time moves so fast that we hardly observe when life moves out of our hands. First we waste time as a child and then as learner of life. Sometimes whole life passes in this learning and we totally miss our life. To enjoy life, it is very important for us to become a good student of life and learn from it.

Life teaches many lessons to us to enjoy our life and live like a free spirit; however, mostly, we choice so claimed safe ways decided by others for us. Large numbers of people waste whole of their life in unnecessary struggles without any enjoyment. People generally make their lives copies of other’s lives and this trend continues from generations to generations. In this whole scheme, we sometimes totally forget this secret that life is very short and any person can die at any age.

Today, one of my friend aged 26 years died in road accident. He was married with two small kids. As a person, he was very achievement oriented person and always concentrated on work then enjoying life. He wanted to make lot of money so that he can enjoy life after 40; however, fate has something other stored for him and his life ended in tragic way. Therefore, it is important for us to understand importance of present of present time available in our hand and make wise decisions.

 It is important to do what we truly want to do because it gives us a true enjoyment and fulfillment in life. A person truly excited by miracles of life never fears anything including death while people who waste their life miss golden opportunity provided by life to enjoy it.
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