Death – Ultimate Reality of Life

Death is final and ultimate reality of every person’s life. As we take birth on this world so we die one day. No one in this world knows secret of living forever; therefore, we constantly see people dieing around us. With time, human beings have accepted this ultimate reality of life and we all live life with this fact. To live a good life in this world, it is important for every person to always remember this true because in this way, we can understand important of our life.

Death tells that life will end one day despite all efforts of a human being and death can come at any time. Therefore, it is important for us to manage or plan our life in such a way that we should enjoy our life fully before it ends. It is totally impossible to bring back a dead person or gives him another chance to live; therefore, it is important to live our life fully till we die. Mostly, we believe death as an ugly thing to deal with; however, death is designed by god to give newness to this world.

Our world moves forward because death cleans old faces from world. If we remove death from our world then our world will become very ugly and uncontrolled. Though, untimely or sudden deaths do cause us lots of pain; however, this is design of life and no person can break this design. Ultimately, only option available in our hand is to accept this reality of life.
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