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A Woman is enemy of a Woman

I read this line many years back in book when I was a teenager; however, at that time I was not completely sure about this fact. Today after passing a decade, I can say that this line is totally correct. Today, millions of feticides are done in India where other women present at home force males to do this action for the welfare of family. Large numbers of women finds it hard to feel or accept pain of other women despite themselves being part of such pains in past. Cruelties against women can decrease significantly if women start supporting other women. It is much easier for women to help suffering women and save them; however, many women do the reverse by increasing the problems of women. Though, we may say that this is man dominated world; however, in reality it is women influenced world where women do influence many actions and reactions at each level. Large numbers of women in our society are actually caretaker of orthodox and aging thinking. These women stop other women from l

Shahrukh Khan is confident about win of KKR in IPL 4

At fourth Season of IPL, Shahrukh Khan is a happy man because his team is among top four teams of IPL; therefore, his team has chance of winning IPL 4. Today, his team Kolkata Knight Riders will face Mumbai Indians team in IPL 4 eliminator match. In last league match between KKR and MI, MI stole victory from KKR; however, still Shahrukh Khan is very confident about victory of KKR is today’s match and later in IPL 4 final. Below, people can watch Shahruk Khan’s interview about upcoming match between KKR and MI.

Why Joint Family System is Breaking in India?

India was once known for its unique way of family living where numbers of families or family members used to stay together; however, today this trend is dieing fast. In today’s fast life, people are running behind life to match their steps with life but unfortunately they are unable to match their steps with their own family members. In a joint family system numbers of families used to live together with people and children in different age groups. Joint family systems were designed to spread burden of families on many individuals equally. In a joint family system, each individual was contributing in family as per his caliber and earning strength. Elder member of family had all powers to decide family matters and allocate total earned money. In this system, each member of family was supporting other members of family; thus, these joint families used to work fine. However, in present times every person is more concentrated on his or her growth and they do not want to share their mon

Watch Trailer of Promo Song Antenna movie Always Kabhi Kabhi

Below people can watch high definition Promo Song Antenna from movie Always Kabhi Kabhi. Shahrukh Khan has given special appearance in this remix song. Shahrukh khan is producing this movie. This film is expected to release on June 17, 2011. The story of film revolves around four teenage students in last year of their schooling. With the help of high definition video available below, people can get some glimpse of this song.

Trailer The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Tintin movie in 3 D “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”. Tintin adventure animated movies have remained very popular across the world and now people can watch new Tintin movie in 3 D. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg. The Secret of the Unicorn is a 3D animated movie which will bring back old adventure of Tintin era in 3D. In this movie, people can hope to see mix of great action and adventure.

Negativity of Life

Today, we all are disturbed by negativity of life. Every where we are seeing negativity and negativity only because every human being is giving importance to his or her life only. When things do not go in desired pattern then we start emitting negative energies to atmosphere through our talks, actions and thoughts. In present world, large numbers of people emit negative energies as compared to people who emit positive energies. Therefore, our world is slowly becoming a negative world where we see every other person as our enemy. For healthy and positive world, it is very important for us to increase level of positive energy in our world so that people can start trusting and caring for each other. Otherwise, negativity of life will one day eat whole of world. This negativity is overall is very bad for society because it is increasing negative feelings in human beings like frustration, anger, greed etc. Under the influence of negative feelings, large numbers of people are using wron

Importance of Data Backup

It is very important for us to get full backup of our digital data because nobody knows exactly when an electronic device can fail. Many people around the world loss important digital data in the form of pictures, documents, videos, files etc when device on which this data is stored crashes. For example, hard disk of any computer can broke any time causing loss of valuable data. Therefore, it becomes very important to take backup of important data. People can get help of data backup service to store their data. In this way, people always have backup of valuable data in case their storage device fails. There are many trustworthy storage devices available online which allow us to store date online for free of cost up to certain limit and people can store unlimited data by paying small amount of money.

Watch how Mumbai (Bombay) looked in 1932?

With the help of this short documentary about Bombay now Mumbai, people can get glimpse of 1932’s life of Mumbai city. This is one of rare video available which provides this opportunity. This video is in black and white. Today’s Mumbai city has got changed in many ways and it is one of advanced cities of world. Mumbai is commercial capital of India and this status has not changed since 1932. Below enjoy this 8 minute video to see 1932’s Mumbai (Bombay).

Watch Sensuous Belly Dance Moves

Belly dance is one of popular forms of dance present in our world. Belly dance has Arabic origin; however, now it is very popular across the world. To perform a good belly dance an artist needs to have good control on his body movements which requires a lot of practice. Below people can enjoy video of great belly dance by a trained artist. Through this video, people can watch some of sensational movements of belly dance.

It is impossible to meet Expectations of everyone

Many times, we face situations in life where lots of people simultaneously expect so many things from us. Everyone hopes that we should give full focus to his concerns; though, we all know this fact that it is near to impossible for anyone to meet expectations of numbers of people simultaneously. Therefore, some people become happy with us whom we oblige while other become unhappy with us whom we fail to oblige. Generally, we can decide as per priorities or importance of situations; however, in human world, it is very hard to decide clear priorities. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where two equally important people pull us in totally different directions and expect from us to choose a single person. In such situations, our mind tells us to do one thing while our heart tells us to do other thing or both heart and mind fells confused. If we choose to go in one direction then we betray one person. Whole life, we go on meeting expectations of some people and missing expectat

Importance of Good Health

Good health plays a very important role in our life because we can only see the full beauty of life if we have good health. Today, large numbers of people across the world do not enjoy good health because they are suffering from various health problems. We all can get better health with the help of good exercise programs. Now people can get help of good personal trainer program to train themselves. With proper exercise, people can attain attractive and healthy body. It is very much possible to get such programs online and start regular exercise. Chances of various dangerous diseases decrease many times with the help of good exercise habit. Doctors always give advice to people to do regular exercise so that they can remain healthy and fit.    

Watch Trailer of movie “Double Dhamaal”

Below watch trailer of upcoming comedy Hindi film “Double Dhamaal”. This film is sequel of 2007 hit comedy movie “Dhamaal”. This film is directed by Indra Kumar. Double Dhamaal movie is shot at various international locations including Mauritius and Hong Kong. The main cast of film includes Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt, Mallika Sherawat, Jaaved Jaaferi, Aashish Chaudhary and Kangana Ranaut. Malika Sherawat and Kangana Ranaut are new addition to this sequel. This film is expected to release across world on June 24, 2011.

Death – Ultimate Reality of Life

Death is final and ultimate reality of every person’s life. As we take birth on this world so we die one day. No one in this world knows secret of living forever; therefore, we constantly see people dieing around us. With time, human beings have accepted this ultimate reality of life and we all live life with this fact. To live a good life in this world, it is important for every person to always remember this true because in this way, we can understand important of our life. Death tells that life will end one day despite all efforts of a human being and death can come at any time. Therefore, it is important for us to manage or plan our life in such a way that we should enjoy our life fully before it ends. It is totally impossible to bring back a dead person or gives him another chance to live; therefore, it is important to live our life fully till we die. Mostly, we believe death as an ugly thing to deal with; however, death is designed by god to give newness to this world. Our wo

Life is too short to waste

If any person believes that his life is very long then he is very very wrong because time moves so fast that we hardly observe when life moves out of our hands. First we waste time as a child and then as learner of life. Sometimes whole life passes in this learning and we totally miss our life. To enjoy life, it is very important for us to become a good student of life and learn from it. Life teaches many lessons to us to enjoy our life and live like a free spirit; however, mostly, we choice so claimed safe ways decided by others for us. Large numbers of people waste whole of their life in unnecessary struggles without any enjoyment. People generally make their lives copies of other’s lives and this trend continues from generations to generations. In this whole scheme, we sometimes totally forget this secret that life is very short and any person can die at any age. Today, one of my friend aged 26 years died in road accident. He was married with two small kids. As a person, he was

Rush for good jobs

It is very hard to find good jobs in present world because of huge rush for good jobs. The main problem with our system is that there are large numbers of job seekers as compared to available good jobs. Everyone wants to get hold of a good job; however, we all know this fact that it is very hard to find good jobs because many of these jobs got filled instantly. Therefore, it is important to search these jobs l and apply for them instantly. Today, we can get help of many good online job portals which makes it very easy for us to apply instantly to these jobs. We can even create an automated system to apply for such jobs. With help of such tools, we can grab many jobs which we may miss otherwise.

Shilpa Shetty going to become mother

Finally, Shilpa Shetty is all set to become mother as she is expecting her first child. As per new available below, Shilpa Shetty is few month pregnant. Shilpa married London based business tycoon Raj Kundra and this will be their first child. Below, people can watch complete report on Shilpa Shetty. All fans of Shilpa Shetty will definitely like this news and they will look forward to see healthy child of Shilpa Shetty.

Historic Win for Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal

Yesterday, Mamata Banerjee created a history by getting landslide win in West Bengal Assembly Election 2011. Few days back, many people were not certain about this outcome and many of them were speculating that LDF may come back to power. However, most of exit and opinion polls told this reality to public much before declaration of final results. After massive victory in 2009 Loksabha Election, Mamata Banerjee was very confident and optimistic about here win in these elections. Though, Left parties were playing safe and pretending that people of West Bengal still have confident in them. Now, picture is totally clear as TMC and Congress alliance has won 225 seats out of total 294. With this victory, Mamata has demolished thirty year old fort of Left. Left clearly requires to introspect itself and its policies; if it wants to come back to main seat. People of West Bangal will have new hopes from Mamata and her government’ therefore, new task of Mamata Banerjee is to fulfill these asp

Final Results West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala Assembly Election 2011

All results of Assembly elections conducted in four states of India were declared by Election commission of India yesterday. In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee’s TMC with Congress won 225 seats out of total 294 seats. In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha’s AIADMK alliance won 203 seats out of total of 234 seats. In Assam, Congress retained its decade old rule by winning 76 seats out of total of 126 seats. In Kerala, Congress supported UDF alliance got marginal victory over ruling LDF alliance. Below, People can find final results of Assembly Election 2011. Final Result West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 Total Seats 294 TMC+Cong 225 CPM+ 63 Othrs 6 Final result Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011 Total Seats 234 AIADMK + 203 DMK+Cong 31 Final Result Assam Assembly Election 2011 Total Seats 126 Cong 76 AGP 10 BJP 4 Othrs 36 Final Result Kerala Assembly Election 2011 Total Seats

Power of Visualization

Visualization is great technique used by scientists to get desired results with astronauts, athletes, army personals etc. From time to time, visualization techniques have worked greatly for all people using it. We can also get help of visualization to fulfill our goals in life. Below people can watch small presentation which shows how to visualize and what power of visualization is?

Assembly Election Tamil Nadu (TN), Kerala, West Bengal, Assam 2011 Results (Live Update

Results of assembly election results 2011 for Indian states of Tamil Nadu (Tn), Kerala, West Bengal, Assam will be declared on 13th May, 2011 at 8 AM onwards. These results will decide new governments in these states. All political parties are claiming their win in these assembly elections 2011; however, we will come to know about exact results on 13th May. On this page, I will make available Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam Assembly Election 2011 results live. Here people will soon find multiple options to see live assembly election results. Live update of Assembly Election results will start at 8 AM onwards on 13th May. Do refresh this page regularly to see latest result update or visit live results blog for minute by minute update of live results. Option 1 Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011 Live Updates Total Seats Trends/Results Available Party Leading Won Total DMK+ AIADMK+ BJP+ Other West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 Live Update T

Survival of fittest in Human world

This world is totally familiar with Charles Darwin’s famous statement of “Survival of Fittest”. According to this statement, only strongest species survive with time while weaker species become extinct with time. This statement is also 100% true to human beings where stronger human beings survive and become successful while weaker human beings fail. Stronger human beings does not only indicate human beings with strong human body but it also points towards strong human beings with stronger emotional strength. Moreover, it is much import to become emotionally strong than only having a strong body because in present competitive world, we continuously face mental stress where only emotional toughness can help us. Present stressful life constantly through in fronts of us many emotional disturbances which create various mental tensions in us. Numbers of emotionally weak people fail to fight such mental tensions and become victim of various mental disorders and illnesses. While emotionall

Balance between mind and heart

To become a true person, it is very important for us to look this world from the eyes of our heart and take decisions with the wisdom of mind. Generally, we like to live a very logical life where everything happens as per certain rules or patterns. Here we hardly find any scope for rethinking or exploring new ways. We always trust our brain and never give chance to our heart to prove it. Slowly, we get trapped in mind game to prove ourselves right and others wrong. To contrary to mind, heart never puts anyone wrong nor does it feed our ego to put us right whereas it just helps to see right things in right prospective. Unfortunately, we live in a mind oriented world where mind has supreme control over heart. Control of mind on human body may make someone very superior intellectually but it erodes human beauty out of us. We are human to the point where we listen to our heart and see world through its eyes. Mind should work as guide to find right path in a difficult situation; however