Negativity of Life

Today, we all are disturbed by negativity of life. Every where we are seeing negativity and negativity only because every human being is giving importance to his or her life only. When things do not go in desired pattern then we start emitting negative energies to atmosphere through our talks, actions and thoughts.

In present world, large numbers of people emit negative energies as compared to people who emit positive energies. Therefore, our world is slowly becoming a negative world where we see every other person as our enemy. For healthy and positive world, it is very important for us to increase level of positive energy in our world so that people can start trusting and caring for each other. Otherwise, negativity of life will one day eat whole of world.

This negativity is overall is very bad for society because it is increasing negative feelings in human beings like frustration, anger, greed etc. Under the influence of negative feelings, large numbers of people are using wrong methods to achieve success in life. Today, no one is truly happy with the success of other people and many people work in direction to pull down others. This trend is bad for our world because one day negativity will cause end of human world or create a world where everyone is oriented towards self gratification only.
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