A Woman is enemy of a Woman

I read this line many years back in book when I was a teenager; however, at that time I was not completely sure about this fact. Today after passing a decade, I can say that this line is totally correct. Today, millions of feticides are done in India where other women present at home force males to do this action for the welfare of family.

Large numbers of women finds it hard to feel or accept pain of other women despite themselves being part of such pains in past. Cruelties against women can decrease significantly if women start supporting other women. It is much easier for women to help suffering women and save them; however, many women do the reverse by increasing the problems of women. Though, we may say that this is man dominated world; however, in reality it is women influenced world where women do influence many actions and reactions at each level.

Large numbers of women in our society are actually caretaker of orthodox and aging thinking. These women stop other women from living their life as per their will and priorities. Mostly, we blame men for bad condition of women in our society; however, major reason behind such bad condition of women is negative role played by other women. It is important for women to understand pain of other women and work in direction of welfare of all women so that this saying has no significance in future.
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