Why Joint Family System is Breaking in India?

India was once known for its unique way of family living where numbers of families or family members used to stay together; however, today this trend is dieing fast. In today’s fast life, people are running behind life to match their steps with life but unfortunately they are unable to match their steps with their own family members.

In a joint family system numbers of families used to live together with people and children in different age groups. Joint family systems were designed to spread burden of families on many individuals equally. In a joint family system, each individual was contributing in family as per his caliber and earning strength. Elder member of family had all powers to decide family matters and allocate total earned money.

In this system, each member of family was supporting other members of family; thus, these joint families used to work fine. However, in present times every person is more concentrated on his or her growth and they do not want to share their money or success with others. Moreover, elders have lost control over families because of their weaknesses or ill health or decreasing respect for elders.

Due to these reasons, joint family systems are meeting death at fast speed. To maintain a successful joint family system in present time, it is very important for all members of family work in direction of welfare of all members than in direction of fulfillment of self goals.
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