It is impossible to meet Expectations of everyone

Many times, we face situations in life where lots of people simultaneously expect so many things from us. Everyone hopes that we should give full focus to his concerns; though, we all know this fact that it is near to impossible for anyone to meet expectations of numbers of people simultaneously. Therefore, some people become happy with us whom we oblige while other become unhappy with us whom we fail to oblige.

Generally, we can decide as per priorities or importance of situations; however, in human world, it is very hard to decide clear priorities. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where two equally important people pull us in totally different directions and expect from us to choose a single person. In such situations, our mind tells us to do one thing while our heart tells us to do other thing or both heart and mind fells confused. If we choose to go in one direction then we betray one person. Whole life, we go on meeting expectations of some people and missing expectations of other.

We become good in the eyes of people whom we oblige while we become bad in the eyes of people whom we fail to oblige despite being a same person. Human beings are very ordinary as per power of making wise decision; they always make many wrong decisions because of limited knowledge or limited power of judgment. Finally, it is important to understand this fact that it is impossible for us meet expectations of everyone.
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