Super Moon and Superstitions

Super Moon is going to occur on 19th March, 2011 and on this day; we will be able to see Moon much bigger and brighter. On 19th March, distance of moon from earth will be 356577 km (221567 miles) which is least distance earth and moon in last 18 years. Super Moon is a natural phenomenon due to the orbital rotation of moon around the earth. However, many superstitious people believe that Super Moon is associated with natural disasters.

These people are relating recent natural calamity of Japan with this incidence. These people are also giving examples of past incidences of Super Moon and natural disasters around it. Last supper moon occurred during 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. In year 2005 near Super Moon, we saw Tsunamis in Indian Ocean which killed millions of people. Now, Earthquake and Tsunami has stuck Japan few days before Super Moon.

In history, there are other such incidences and natural tragedies which took place around Super Moon. Therefore, many people are predicting more natural tragedies near 19th March and they are quoting previous examples to support their theory. However, most of scientists which have studied Super Moon are of this view that Super Moon will not cause any harm to earth. Only we can see some high tides in sea which happens due to increased gravitational pull of moon because of its closest distance to earth.
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