Sachin Tendlukar Test/ODI Stats

There is no doubt in one thing that Sachin Tendulkar is best player among all cricketers of today. Every bowler wants to take wicket of Sachin and every opponent team fears him. Sachin Tendular has achieved many milestones in his cricket career which other players even can not think about breaking. He has made more than 18000 runs in ODI and more than 14000 runs in Test cricket. He has made so far 99 international cricket centuries with 48 centuries in ODI and 51 in test matches. There are many other records in the name of Sachin and with every match, he makes new records. Therefore, whole of world is mad about this cricket legend. Sachin Tendulkar is still playing and we can hope many new records from him in near future. Below, I am adding few cricket career states of Sachin Tendular which shows his ODI and Test records till today. I will regular update this page with new information as Sachin makes news records.

Matches Played              451
Innings                     440
Not Out                     41
Total runs                  18008 
100s                        48
50s                         94
Highest Score               200 
Average                     45.13


Matches Played              177
Innings                     290
Not Out                     32
Total Runs                  14692
100s                        51
50s                         59
Highest Score               248
Average                     56.94
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