Cricket diplomacy of India vs Pakistan Semi Final

It looks that India and Pakistan government wants to use opportunity provided by India vs Pakistan cricket world cup semi final match for strengthening their relationships. Therefore, India and Pakistan Prime Ministers will watch this match together and they will have small round of talks at Mohali. India vs Pakistan matches always create hype around the world and this time, both teams will face each other in semi final match of cricket world; therefore, India vs Pakistan Semi Final match has become great event of this year.

Due to this reason, everyone wants to exploit this opportunity. BCCI wants to make more; advertisers want to reach billions of people; so how our politicians can remain behind? Generally, it is good to separate sports, politics and money. Sports should be taken as sports only and not exploited for gains. India vs Pakistan cricket world cup is likely to seen live by around 2.5 billion people across the world; therefore, everyone wants to reach this audience through this match.

Today no one wants to listen to politicians; therefore, politicians are running for such opportunities like Ind vs pak match for getting some advertising. However, one more things is clear about India vs Pakistan match that it is event of public where general people are main heroes. Also visit- Watch Live Score India Vs Sri Lanka (ind vs sl) cricket world cup final match
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