Family dominated politics and Future of India

It is very easy to see dominance of families in big and small political parties of India. Most of political parties in India are either under the influence of some families or they are controlled by these families. Some of examples of these family dominated political parties are Congress, DMK, Akali Dal, RJD, SP, NC, PDP, BJD etc.

Indian politics is so much under the influence of family dominated politics that people of India do not have true political alternatives available in front of them. These families dominated political parties move around these families only and ordinary members of such parties hardly get opportunity to reach top positions in party. These political parties start with these families and they end with these families only. This kind of political atmosphere in India has created vacuum of good leaders in Indian politics.

Today, anyone can become big minister or get big political job through his nearness to political families then having true qualities. One of such example is present in front of us in the form of former telecom minister A Raja who got this portfolio because of his proximity to DMK chief. After the independence, we may have abolished kingship; however, family dominated politics has replaced this setup. Today, these big families are news ruler class of India and their family members of kings and queens.

I have no problem with such families; however, many of such families have actually worked negatively for growth of India by accumulating wealth through wrong means. Most of these families have generated billions of dollars of wealth through their rule over India and Indian states. In reality, they stole this money from ordinary Indians and deprived them from true progress. It is very important for Indians to come out of the influence of such political family and encourage true leaders in Indian politics; otherwise, these families will continue to ruin nation and wealth of nation. Also visit- Why India has so many corrupt leaders? Control of Nehru-Gandhi family our India
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