One child gets missing in India in every 30 seconds

Today, I saw shocking news report on Zee News. According to this news, one child gets missing in India in every 30 seconds and so far, millions of children are missing from different parts of India with no trace of them. This report further told that 5 children get missing from New Delhi everyday and Delhi police fails to find trace of any of these Children. If we go by this number then more than 1800 children get missing in Indian Capital alone every year.

Moreover, this report reveals that 30 thousands children are sold every year in India and lakhs of teenage girls are working as prostitutes. This report really shocked me and highlighted lacklustre approach of police and society on this crucial matter. It is big crime to force innocent children in illegal activities and sell them for money. Immediate work is required to be done to save life of other children and trace these missing children. It is very important for police to arrest all those criminals involved in this ugly crime.

Strong action by police can discourage these criminal from spoiling life of more children. However, police do not take these missing children reports seriously and slowly, parents of children loses all hope of finding their children back. It is also important to stop prostitution and begging practices because large numbers of children are forced to work in these works. Government of India is also required to make new and strong laws for increasing punishment in these kinds of crimes. It is also important to make a separate cell in police to handle such cases so that these cases can get more attention of police.
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