Cricket World Cup fever

Finally, Indian subcontinent is all set to get covered with cricket fever because Cricket world Cup 2011 is starting from next month i.e. 19th Feb and this world cup will end on 2nd April 2011, thus we will get chance to watch world class exciting cricket games for one and half month. Total 14 cricket nations will take part in this cricket world cup 2011, thus making it greatest cricketing event of this era. Billions of people from across the world will watch these games live on TV and similarly, millions of people will watch these games live on ground.

In Indian subcontinent, people treat game of cricket as greatest game and they do everything in their hand to watch these games. Now, Cricket world cup will be played in this part so we can see great response from people for world cup. During this event, we can see fever like situation in Indian subcontinent with people sticking to their TV screens. In India, we can see life of people coming to halt with the start of cricket world cup as Indians are great followers of cricket game and they treat their players like God.

India won last and only cricket world cup in 1983; therefore, all Indian cricket fans want from Indian cricket team that it should win cricket world cup this year. Final of Cricket world cup 2011 will be played in Mumbai; so hopes of people have increased many times from Indian cricket team. If Indian cricket team performed well in cricket world cup then this fever can intensify further. Also visit Timetable/schedule Cricket World Cup 2011
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