Social networking becoming mirror of life

Today, social networking has become very popular and there are many popular social networking websites which have become integral part of our life. One of such popular example is Facebook and this website has made it very easy for me to share information with my friends and relatives; and simultaneously, I can learn about their life in few minutes only. In the present busy world, it is very hard to remain in contact of all people and check with them on constant basis.

While creating an account with popular social networking website like facebook, we can easily share and get information from many people in few seconds. I have seen both phases of life with social networking technology and without it. Earlier, it was nearly impossible to remain informed about our friends and close ones despite all efforts. Today, thanks to revolution in social networking I can easily learn about my relatives, friends and other close ones.

Due to social networking, it is possible for me to share pictures, information with my friends who live in other cities or in other parts of world which was otherwise impossible for me. It’s not me who is enjoying benefits of social networking; however, large numbers of people are exploring same kinds of benefits. Internet and social networking has shrunk our world and has made it a small global village where everyone is always connected with each other despite his or her location.
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