It is hard to manage an Indian marriage

Indian Marriages test a person on various fronts because we are required to gather and manage so many things simultaneously to conduct these marriages successfully. In every part of India, we can see marriages being performed in different ways; however, all these ways required months of preparations. A person is required to work day and night to complete an Indian marriage successfully. Recently, my family went through all this because of my marriage on 22 Nov.

In all these days, I got very less time for blogging which tells that how busy I am? In big cities of India, we can hire jobs of professional event managers or wedding planners who do all hectic job and leave you alone to enjoy marriage. Despite this busyness, I am getting great experience and it will help greatly in next marriages in family. We are trying to make this marriage simple still it is going to cost lot. My mother wants to perform all Himachali rituals mostly done on marriage day because of basic background of Himachal.

I am marrying a Punjabi girl so my marriage will be a mix of Himachali-Punjabi rituals. First it takes lots of time to get ready for marriage and then it gets lot of hard work to conduct this marriage successfully. Still four days are left for marriage so praying to god that everything goes well on wedding day.
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