An India Marriage- Festival of Relatives

Any Indian marriage can be termed as festival of relatives because through a marriage, all relatives get a great chance to meet with each other and enjoy this time. It is near to impossible to imagine an Indian wedding without the presence of all relatives. In every marriage, there are many rituals which are performed by various relatives like Mama, uncle, bhabi etc. Therefore, any marriage can’t move forward without equal participation by all relatives.

Relatives start reaching marriage home few days before marriage and they provide help in various marriage preparations; though, today we live in a readymade world where most of things can be bought from market. Still role of relatives is very important in Indian marriages because they remain chief guests of these marriages. Sometimes, we are even required to agree with many of their unacceptable demands to make them happy. In Indian marriages, relatives are really kings and queens of marriage and they make these marriages very lively and attractive.

On marriage day, hundreds of relatives gather on your home dressed up in beautiful clothes to make your wedding an enjoyable and beautiful experience for all. In India, we are lucky that we have so many people to attend our marriages and here people still love each other; however, present fast life is making it hard for many people to follow same customs.

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