Unleashing hidden animal inside us

An animal is present inside every person; however, mostly we all human beings ignore this animal because we fear that others may not accept us in same way if they learn about this animal. So we learn from young age to hide this animal inside us hidden from others. However, there is a big problem with this whole arrangement that we never succeed in realising our full potential.

Any person can only succeed in fully enjoying his life and realising full potential of his life when he unleashes hidden animal present inside him to capture what he wants to get. Generally, we are told socially to live life under certain parameters and never expose this animal to outer world. Unleashing hidden animal inside us doesn’t necessarily means that we will go violent or lose control on ourselves but it means that we should live our life and do things as we truly wanted to do. In this social world, we become a social animal so that we can get social acceptances.

Our life becomes a fast race to fulfil achievements which mostly lack true enjoyment and fun of life. Due to these restrictions, we lose our core trueness and starts becoming people away from their core values. Trueness only comes in life when we truly do what our hidden animal wants to do and not things which we do for living only. People who unleash their hidden animal, they attain great happiness and spiritual stability in life which many financially successful people fails to get. Now, if we want to taste true flavours of life then it is very important for us to free animal present inside us.
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