Time to enter winter season

In India, time has come when whole of India will enter winter season soon. Generally, winter season starts in India from 15 Oct and it lasts up to Feb end; though, every year dates can vary slightly as some times winter start early and ends late while sometimes, it starts late and ends early. For two months of December and January, we see extreme cold in India and it becomes very difficult to go out without sweaters. In India, sweaters are main winter wear and they save us from harsh cold of winters. It is very difficult for any person to survive in harsh cold of winter without good quality sweaters and jackets. We can easily find good variety of attractive sweaters in market and Ludhiana city of India is popular in India and world for its hosiery industry. We can find many hosiery factories in Ludhiana which manufacture good quality sweaters. This winter season also I look forward to buy few new sweaters from market or online stores.
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